The Beauty of Mid-Day Escapes

Did you know that sitting all day is as unhealthy as smoking or sun over-exposure? After reading about that study, I feel like even bicycling to and from work every day is not enough to make up for all my sitting. Bike commuting is an amazing activity for consistent exercise, but on average totals only one hour of my day. I have a desk job and many activities I enjoy after work – reading, blogging, watching movies – are sedentary.

In an effort to make my lifestyle more active (no gyms, please!) I often spend my lunch hour walking around downtown Chicago, even if the weather is rainy or freezing. An additional benefit is escaping the office and enjoying life. I take pictures, watch people, window shop or duck into a coffee shop to read. As temperatures rise, I find myself integrating the bicycle into my lunch breaks for a little extra work day escape.

On Friday, Betty and I sailed a couple of miles to enjoy fresh macaroons, but sometimes I venture farther afield. The pictures below are from a long escape earlier this month, which I wrote about here, but it took me a while to develop and scan the pictures from my Diana Mini camera.

The thought of missing out on such adventures in favor of watching TV in the break room or eating at my desk is unbearable. I think everyone would be a whole lot happier if we all enjoyed mid-day escapes in the fresh air more often – preferably with a bicycle :)

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18 thoughts on “The Beauty of Mid-Day Escapes

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  2. Carolyn I. says:

    I needed one today. So tempting just to stay home, but nope, out I went on my bike! I bumped into some people I know so it was good. Besides the sun is out, so why should I spend the day inside lazing around. :)

  3. Sarah says:

    I work from home, so if I don’t get out in the middle of the day I don’t get any exercise at all that day. I find that taking a long break involving exercise in the middle of the day not only feels good physically, but helps me be more focused for the remainder of the work day. But, if the weather is uninspiring I sometimes have a hard time finding the motivation to get out (coming up with a destination helps, but doesn’t always work). I definitely feel that it is unhealthy not only to sit so much, but to be staring a computer screen so much.

  4. Amy says:

    I agree! In fact, I left my desk job in favor of an outdoors job for the same reasons. Now I bike to work just to get even more time not sitting and more time in the fresh air. I always feel more alert, energetic, and happy after riding.

  5. darren says:

    well, mid-day cycling trips are out for me due to the horridly humid weather here in singapore, but walking around town taking pictures sounds fun/do-able enough… thanks for the ideas Dottie! wonderful pictures btw!

  6. I agree! I take walks almost every day at lunch during the summer. It’s not scenic or in a downtown area, but it still gets my body moving.

  7. kristin says:

    the diana mini is amazing! want.

  8. Anne Hawley says:

    And on that note, I’m going out for a mid-day ride! Those film photos are wonderful.

  9. I love your Diana pictures, especially the one with the ship.

  10. John Nelson says:

    Super photos from the Diana mini, and a great way to spend the lunch hour.

  11. John Nelson says:

    Dottie, If you’re ever in LA/Santa Moncia an entire store/gallery devoted to lomography:

  12. Dottie's Gram Bev says:

    Hi dottie, You do a lot of the same things that I do – when I’m not recovering from a broken wrist that is – take, photos, walk, etc. Your photos are always great!
    Love, Gram xx

  13. Ben Brown says:

    I just cycled up to Richmond park, (London, UK) in the sunshine and had a quiet 5 minutes staring at the trees, ducks and lake, then got slightly lost and whizzed through trees back to the park gates and then along the Thames path back to Twickenham. Just wonderful, this was the spot,&sll=51.44272,-0.272947&sspn=0.003618,0.011689&gl=uk&ie=UTF8&split=1&filter=0&rq=1&ev=zi&radius=0.25&hq=isabella+plantation,&hnear=&ll=51.44272,-0.272947&spn=0.003618,0.011689&t=h&z=18

  14. Kait says:

    I love your photos! I also have a diana mini and was wondering what film you use to get such wonderful pictures!

  15. Great pics.You have done a great job.Keep it up.

  16. Great pics.You have done a great job.Keep it up.

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