Spring Forward

Months of short days and drab colors wear a girl down. Eventually she needs yellow sun and blue skies. Enter SPRING!

There is no denying the proof in the pictures: winter is behind us; let’s all spring forward :)

Happy Sunshine!

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8 thoughts on “Spring Forward

  1. Cherilyn says:

    No ice on the trail–whoo-HOO! you must be thrilled! We’ve had bluebird days here, too. Took a 5-mile ride today with the boys without jackets, which is a first for the year!

  2. Lady Vélo says:

    Oooh – that looks beautiful! I crave Spring riding so much where I am: Sunshine, colours & joy = bliss :)

  3. ethan says:

    Amen to that!

  4. James says:

    I was also enjoying the great weather yesterday and made it a point to take an extra long route from Roscoe Village to the lakefront path just to extend my time in the sun! My ride in this morning was more of the same! Bring on the 70’s!

  5. Vee says:

    yeehaw. Yes today was spent outside enjoying blue and sparkly yellow sunshine. So needed.

  6. fiona says:

    Lovely scenery and a equally lovely bike:)

  7. Sox says:

    Betty Foy definitely has the right attitude.

  8. hazel says:

    just discovered your blog and it’s great! As is you bike, it’s beautiful :)
    I wish spring in scotland was as sunny as this!

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