Monthly Archives: February 2010

Cup of Tea?

There are so many cyclists out this winter, on the roads and on the Lakefront Trail. Definitely more than last winter. Makes me want to sit down and have a cup of tea with someone at this random cafe table in the middle of nowhere.

I’m the only one who stopped, though. Maybe next time.

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A Gray Commute

Gray, gray, gray.

I took the Lakefront Trail this morning, hoping to catch the sunrise. Unfortunately, it never happened; the gray just got lighter.  In fact, there was nothing noteworthy about my commute today.  When a bike ride is simply a bike ride – a way to commute – that can be a good thing.

I welcome the more inspiring weather, though, whenever it feels like returning.  I prefer a 5 degree day with bright blue skies over a 25 degree gray day.

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