Happy Presidents Day

In honor of Presidents Day, I’m blogging midday. Oooh, fun. Here are some pictures I took at Navy Pier last week. The wind was fierce and snow was heavy, so I was the only one outside there. This is my first roll of film from a * gasp * film camera. I love my DSLR and am still learning what all the controls do, but the simplicity of an old-fashioned camera attracted me – no batteries required. I bought an inexpensive Diana Mini after seeing the kind of pictures it can take at Daydream Lilly. I like the dreamy, moody quality and the double exposures. I have a lot to learn and I think it will work better on a bright day, but learning is what it’s all about.

Okay, I’m off for a long bike ride with Betty Foy. Meeting a friend for Indian food. :)

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15 thoughts on “Happy Presidents Day

  1. limadean says:

    Ooo, love the Diana shots. I’ve been pining for one for a while.

  2. E A says:

    Ooh… film. How quaint. :-)

    Enjoy your day off!

  3. I love shooting with “Lomo” cameras. I have a Holga 120N, which is great. Long live film!

  4. Matt says:

    Dottie, can you put a warning on your blogposts like “Warning this post contains fuzzy photographs”? You take such beautiful pictures with your digital camera.

    I’m still reeling in shock from a favoured musician only putting out an EP on 7″ vinyl (and digital download that only works in certain countries, New Zealand not amongst them)

    In other words those hardworking engineers at Canon in Osaka or Tokyo or wherever have worked very hard perfecting the image stabilised 10 Megapixel camera which fits in my pocket, and I thank them for the most perfect of photographic technology.

    Ye olde Daguerreotypes belong in a dusty part of the museum. Steampunkery be damned.

  5. Amy says:

    I think you captured the eeriness perfectly. I was out there the other weekend for my Shakespeare class and it was disturbingly empty. But once you walked inside it was bustling with kitch again.

  6. Dottie says:

    @Lovely Bicycle! – I’d love to see your pictures! I picked up a Holga, too (so cheap!) but 120 film is hard to come by, so I have not gotten any pics yet.

  7. Dottie says:

    @Matt – I enjoy listening to vinyl on my working record player, too :)

  8. darren says:

    love the pictures… especially the last one!!!

    gotta love Indian food!

  9. darren says:

    oh btw i take alot of “bad” pictures too! haha. click on the website to see them.

  10. Dottie says:

    @darren – Your photos are fantastic, really interesting and lovely in an unconventional way. I especially like this one. Ooh, and this one. Do you live in Singapore?

  11. darren says:

    thanks Dottie! yes i do live in Singapore. i’ve recently (month and a half now) taken to commuting to work by bicycle, because of your blog. but i start off by 5:30 in the morning just so the temps aren’t too high.

    Just a word of thanks…. for the inspiration!

  12. Trisha says:

    Lovely! So atmospheric.

  13. Lady Vélo says:

    The Diana is a fabulous camera – lovely shots! I have a Holga & will be taking some shots of my new Pashley with it – can’t wait :)

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