New Site, Old Stories: A Look Back at Our First 6 Months

Happy New Year, and welcome to the brand-new Let’s Go Ride a Bike! Dottie and I  have been burning the midnight oil (literally, if you note the time of this post!) to launch it today, on our first “blogaversary.” Walk with us down memory lane as we recall some of our finer moments.

January 2009
On New Year’s Day, 2009, Dottie took me up on my offer to co-write Let’s Go Ride a Bike as a way to share our commuting experience with family and friends. We introduced ourselves (and our bikes) to the blogosphere and were off and running. In our first month, Dottie had her bike stolen and I test-rode a Dahon folding bike. We took turns talking about why biking is better,  the Dotties went car-free, and Mr. Dottie submitted a guest story.

February 2009
Proving once again that those who do not learn from the mistakes of history are doomed to repeat them, Pinkie went missing on Super Bowl weekend. I eased the pain with a vintage mixte, Le Peug, and announced the purchase of my Batavus Entrada Spirit. Dottie bought her Nutcase, and I had my first snow riding experience during a trip to Chicago.

March 2009
Notable posts this month include Dottie’s internet-famous cocktail party ride, and her purchase of the be-yew-tiful Betty Foy. I discovered one more reason to wear a helmet and spent $0 on gas — the first and last time such a thing occurred.

April 2009
I rode part of the Chief Ladiga Trail with my parents. Dottie and I were profiled on Bike just before tweeting our way across Europe–or at least, through  London and St. Petersburg. Betty Foy came home to Dottie. And, oh yeah–I finally got to ride my Batavus!

May 2009
Dottie and Oma rode in their first Tweed Ride. Smurfette found a new home with Melissa. We commemorated a year of commuting with a dive into the Dottie/Trisha email archives. The Batavus made it stateside and got her first scratch, and the Dotties biked the drive.

June 2009
This month, Dottie discovered Nashville by bike and secured an exclusive interview with Gram Bev. We talked about the best skirts for cycling, helped organize a cocktail ride with John Greenfield of Vote with Your Feet (I still dream about that Abici!), and skewered the media’s shallow exploration of  why women don’t cycle.

Coming up next: our last six months. Funny, it seems impossible that we’ve been blogging a whole year already, but looking through the archives, it seems equally impossible that all these memorable events have happened in just a year’s time. Thanks for coming along for the ride in 2009!

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27 thoughts on “New Site, Old Stories: A Look Back at Our First 6 Months

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  2. Su Yin Khoo says:

    Sweet! Great new site and may it long continue

  3. Congratulations on the new site; it looks so professional!

    You ladies have been up to quite a lot over the past year; looking forward to more!

  4. Catherine says:

    Hey, ladies! The new site looks great, and the retrospective was fun (I don’t think I started reading until about June or so). Congrats on the move :)

  5. alice says:

    Congratulations on the new site! It is looking great.

  6. dukiebiddle says:

    Sweet new digs! I have one humble request. Please reset the RSS to Full Feed. Pleasepleaseplease. Partial feeds are evil.

  7. b. says:

    Love the new look, ladies! Can’t wait for more.

    Any idea about why Google Reader can’t find the new blog??

  8. dickdavid says:

    Love the new site.

  9. dukiebiddle says:

    b., I was able to set my Google reader to track the new feed. Have you plugged the new url ( the “Add a subscription” field?

  10. dukiebiddle says:

    grrr, I hate automated hyperlink. that “)into” does not belong in that link.

  11. danqi says:

    2 words for the new site: Simple and sweet. :) Looking forward to read more inspiring stories and motivating more people to switch to human powered transportation.

  12. neighbourtease says:

    Congratulations — looks beautiful!

  13. admin says:

    Thanks, everyone! Great to see that the gang is all here :)

    About RSS – we’ll fix the full feed. That’s a little above my head, so I’ll wait for Trisha.

    The easiest way to get the feed is clicking on the “subscribe” link to the right under “MORE LGRAB.” That can take you straight to the Google location or any other reader.

    I also need to figure out why it’s not allowing nesting comments like I told it to…


  14. Carrie says:

    very awesome new site – congrats on your new home on the web!!

  15. Trisha says:

    Thanks everyone! We will work on those pesky RSS and comments issues. Hopefully by Monday everything will be more up to speed.

  16. Vee says:

    Love the new site.

    Happy New year

  17. Cherilyn says:

    Love the new website! It’s now my new homepage, considering that I’ve been stopping by to read every day.

    Thanks for the retrospective. I’m still catching up on the ’09 posts, so this makes it a lot easier.

    All the best to you as you promote real-life biking!

  18. Cosmo says:

    The new site is so nice!

  19. b. says:

    Dukiebiddle, that’s how I usually subscribe, but for whatever reason, it doesn’t work here yet.

    However, Dottie’s method worked. Just in case somebody else has trouble with it, too.

    Thanks again, ladies!

  20. Lorenza says:

    Loving the new site!! Good work :D Happy 2010 to you ladies! Look forward to your new adventures very much! L xxx

  21. G.E. says:

    How exciting! A new year is always a good time to start fresh and this all looks so beautiful. Congrats on a year of blogging about bicycling, and I’m sure we all hope for much more to come. Happy 2010!

  22. Anne Hawley says:

    Nice new house ya got here! Have updated my reader feed and am looking forward to a great 2010 of bike blogging.

  23. VELOFUN.FR says:

    Wonderfull new design (and wonderfull site on my rss list)

    Happy new year (even if I see that it does start happily)

    Luc (a fan from France)

  24. Christa says:

    New website looks great!

  25. Zweiradler says:

    Happy New Year :)
    Great website. Thank you for your interesting blog, I enjoy reading your stories.


  26. I was wondering why I had stopped getting updates! Great new site, and wow, only a year? Fantastic work, you two. Here’s to many more.

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