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Wrap Yourself in Cashmere

This post title is inspired by the homepage of Performance Bicycle, which announces: “Who needs cashmere? Wrap yourself in Spandex!” (Thanks Steve for the heads up.) While I appreciate that some cyclists prefer spandex, I thought I’d represent for all the cashmere-wearing cyclists out there. After wool, cashmere is my favorite clothing for winter cycling: luxurious and warm.


Unfortunately, after I snapped this picture in the morning, I realized my narrow skirt was impossible to cycle in, especially sitting upright.  Taken down by a skirt! I was in a rush, so I garaged Oma and took the L train.  Too bad, because I missed Chicago’s first flurry.

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Hail to the Trail

If Chicago’s Lakefront Trail did not exist, this blog would not exist. At least not in its current form with me as a co-blogger. That’s because I never would have attempted to ride my bike to work without the trail.

Oma Sunrise

Before I started cycling, I’d only been to the lakefront once or twice during my one year as a Chicago resident. All I knew about the trail was that it went all the way  downtown and had no cars.

No Cars – that was key.

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Aloha on Wheels

Once upon a time, there was a snazzy blue TopShop cruiser being offered as a contest prize by Chictopia.

The equally stylish Dottie won it by entering this beautiful picture.

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