Six Miles in Three Inches

On Tuesday morning I woke up to heaps of snow. Not anything like the East Coast is experiencing, but the first real snow for Chicago this winter. One of my rules is not to ride in measurable fresh snowfall, but my girlish fun side took over, enchanted by the winter wonderland and potential for pretty pictures. If I wanted the easiest way to work, I would have taken the L train.

The side streets were not plowed at all, and thus a bit slippery at times, even with my studded tires. Drivers were very patient, though, going slowly behind me as I took up the one-way street to ride in tire tracks. Once I got to the Lakefront Trail, I was surprised that the Parks Department had already plowed it. Thanks, Parks Department for making my commute 100% easier! The streets downtown were, as always, miraculously free of any trace of snow.

Oma embraces snow

I met up with Mr. Dottie for the ride home and we took main city streets, which were perfectly clear after a day of plowing. No problems at all.  I wore the same outfit on my bike that I wore at work: a gray Brooks Brothers skirt suit.  For the commute I simply added wool leggings, a wool overcoat, snow boots and gloves.

Tomorrow I’m leaving for North Carlina to spend Christmas with my parents, sisters and in-laws. We’ll have daily scheduled posts, but otherwise will not be writing or riding much. Happy Holidays!

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19 thoughts on “Six Miles in Three Inches

  1. academichic says:

    I love Oma’s green winter outfit – she looks so pretty! And these pictures of your ride home are gorgeous! S.

  2. As someone who’s barely seen snow in his life, I continue to have great admiration for you who ride in the stuff! Cute green bow, too.
    Have a great holiday break and see you next year.

  3. dickdavid says:

    I love all the winter shots! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Mamavee says:

    I think the secret to riding inthe snow is to take your time and stop and smell the snow covered pine cones! ( NOT that you are trudging through the slush and working- but the idea of stopping to take fun pics makes it seem doable!… I haven’t tried yet as this week has been a hell wk – husband for day surgery, kids high on santa and me just getting to ..tomorrow. Tomorrow I pick up my bread and cake with the sorte while husband hangs with t he kids!)

  5. bongobike says:

    Great pine cone picture. It’s my desktop background pic now.

  6. E A says:

    I like that pine cone photo, too! :-) Where was that?

    Guess what! I finally rode today. Have a great holiday with your family.

  7. Scott says:

    If anything, I wish it were slightly colder in Chicago so all this mixed precipitation would just come down as snow.

  8. David says:

    Sounds like your ride is pretty tame to mine. I go 12 mi each way. Yesterday was very tough with wet snow over icy back roads. Then trying to share busy streets with slush on the sides. Even with studs I was all over the place. But our Madison, Wi. Bike paths were in very good shape. IMHO

  9. grambev says:

    Merry Christmas Have a wonderful visit over the holidays! XX, Grambev

  10. Marianne Helgers says:

    Thanks for the wonderful blogging. I live in southern Ontario and have beautiful bike paths right at my doorstep. Being Dutch I was inspired by “oma”
    How well does it handle daily rides? My Dutch cousins no longer ride this style of bike.
    I haven’t ridden since Dec. 2 hope to ride before the new year. We have only a light dusting of snow but – 11C windchill is a bit cold.
    Good riding and happy holidays!

  11. lem says:

    Trisha & the dotties,

    Merry Christmas and a Joyful & Prosperous New Year to you and yours.


    • Trisha says:

      Thank you Lem! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you, too. :)

      Dottie, gorgeous pics…I need to come visit you soon so I can see snow this year.

  12. Keri says:

    Wonderful photos, as always! Merry Christmas and safe travels.

  13. sara says:

    I gotta say– no studded tires here, but I do think of you when the weather is cold & blustery. “Well, if Dottie can ride in this weather so can I!” Meanwhile, the bakfiets is parked on the front lawn, with a motorcycle cover and a snow blanket. Need to ride it down to a friend’s who will spend the weekend tinkering with it– for the first time, we are having some gearing & braking issues. :(
    Great bow!

    • Giffen says:

      There is a post on Bakfiets en Meer about braking issues. In short, it might have something to do with the cold.

  14. Great pics. The more you shoot, the more your talent comes out.

    Good snow removal is a big help to getting around. But when a blizzard comes it’s never enough. That’s my situation. 3 days of snow has defeated the snow plows, not to mention the sidewalk shovelers. Meyham awaits the cyclist who dares riding in the aftermath. Every block requires many quick choices to traverse it’s obstacles. On my second day riding, I’m think I’m getting to get the hang of it. Pay attention and don’t be in a rush are vital rules. Knowing your bike is another and I can say I’m happy to be on my sturdy, Dutch bike. I think we have the same tires.

    Happy New Year!

  15. mike rubbo says:

    I would just like to warm you up, momentarily, with this sunny day in Amsterdam, rattling around with the Omas of that town to some very seductive music.

    Here’s my film, The waltz of the Bikes as it appeared on Copenhagen Cycle chic.

    My blog, dedicated to the stately upright style of riding is. .

    cheers, Mike Rubbo

  16. mike rubbo says:

    I’m resubmitting my comment because my name apprears with a tiny photos of Olive Riley, who’s defintely not me.

    I used to help Olive blog. She was the oldest blogger in the world. That Tiny pic of her and the beer was taken when she was 107 at the height of her blog popularity. She was a keen cyclist too, in the 30’s of the last century.

    Anyway, I’m reposting in order to try and shake Olive’s pic which is glued to that other email address I used.

    Back to what I wanted to say. I would just like to warm you up, momentarily, with this sunny day in Amsterdam, rattling around with the Omas of that town to some very seductive music.

    Here’s my film, The waltz of the Bikes as it appeared on Copenhagen Cycle chic.

    My blog, dedicated to the stately upright style of riding is. .

    cheers, Mike Rubbo

  17. MarkA says:

    Hey Dottie, hope you don’t mind but I’ve incorporated your beautiful picture of Oma in the snow into a blog post of mine due this Thursday about cycling in the snow (and how generally reliable cycling is) Of course I’ve given you full credit and links to the fabulous new site and this post.

    Hope you guys are having an awesome new year and all the very best for 20101!!!


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