Riding the Nashville Greenways

Back in November, I went on my first group ride with Nashville Slow Ride through two of Nashville’s greenways: Shelby Bottoms and Stones River.

It’s really criminal that I waited so long to post about this, actually, because not only was it a fun 20-ish mile ride with great people, it also marked the meeting of the Flik and Andrew’s Bike Friday. How would the two folders compare?

Andrew and Friday, on Saturday

As usual, especially the morning after a late night out, I was 5 minutes late. Andrew waited for me and we soon caught up with the group, at the top of the first and largest hill on the Shelby Bottoms trail.

a welcoming wave

It was a comfortable day, in the high 30s, low 40s. I was the only person in the group wearing a skirt, and as they saw me ride up the group waiting at the top felt compelled to burst into a rousing rendition of “Material Girl.” Hey, they said it was a slow ride!

Most of the ride was on a bike/ped path, where we could admire the last of the fall foliage. But due to a gap in the Greenway we had to ride briefly on busy Lebanon Road.

Lebanon Pike

Waiting to cross busy Lebanon Pike

This of course meant we had the thrill of getting flicked off and honked at by an asshole in a tacky orange pickup truck who had to wait a millisecond longer to change lanes left.

Old Lebanon Pike next to the bustling new one.

End of the trail: Percy Priest Dam

If you’re wondering why there aren’t more photos, well, the ride wasn’t exactly slow. It was an accessible 12-15 mph, with periodic stops to wait for anyone who had fallen behind, so it was definitely beginner-friendly — but I would have felt odd stopping for photos. So I spent the ride chatting to Andrew about his adventures with the Bike Friday and my experience with the Flik. Everyone else on the ride was curious about our folders, too, and two people tried them while we waited for the rest of the group at Percy Priest Dam before heading back. As always, it was interesting talking to other cyclists about their bikes and their riding habits.

By the end of the ride, I was starving and thirsty. Luckily a stop at Ugly Mugs provided the best snack ever.

I can’t do the Flik/Bike Friday comparison justice in the time left before I go to work, so I’ll leave you with a photo of the two folded side-by-side. To be continued . . .

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18 thoughts on “Riding the Nashville Greenways

  1. dottie says:

    The only one wearing a skirt for a slow ride? Hm, maybe you will inspire some people for next time. Excellent ensemble all around; I especially like the sunglasses and bondage boots :)

    The pictures of the greenway are interesting. Think the ride is worth doing when I visit next?

    I look forward to hearing more about Andrew and his Bike Friday.

    • Hopefully we’ll hear more about the Bike Friday, and less about its boring owner.

      I can confirm one “hidden” use for a folding bike, by the way — They save on taxi fares! Ride to the bar to meet friends, then let them drive you home after you’ve have too much fun.

  2. Lemony says:

    The two are cute!! ;-))

  3. Steve A says:

    Looks like Bike Friday wins the “which one folds up smaller” contest by a narrow margin. I look forward to details of the comparison.

    As for “orange pickup boy.” He was just jealous…

  4. Scott says:

    I am so intrigued by the folding bike. It’s only a matter of time until I give in and buy one.

  5. Nice! How did riding 20 miles on a folder compare to doing the same on a regular bike? I am thinking mostly speed and bumpiness?

    • Trisha says:

      Good question and one I should have addressed in the post! Actually my main problem was discomfort in my arms, back and bottom: I don’t think that the riding position on the Flik is comfortable for long rides. But then, folders aren’t usually meant for long rides! It does have rear suspension, so bumps weren’t a major problem.

  6. I really want a folder, but I can’t justify the price. I have no need for one to commute on as I am not working and I will not be traveling anywhere any time soon. I keep hoping one will fall in my lap : ) It’s raining bikes, hallelujah, it’s raining bikes, oh yeah!….

  7. Ann says:

    I’m considering getting a folding bike next year since I’d like to do a couple of trips via Amtrak. However, it won’t become my primary bike so I’m wanting to keep the cost low. I am worried about how comfortable the riding position is on most of them. I’m more attracted to the step through style/sweptback handlebars of the Dahon Ciao and Glide. It seems they would be more comfortable. However, their price tags exceed the budget I’ve set for myself (I’d rather keep more money in my wallet for the trips). That’s got me looking at the new Barcelona model from Citizen Bikes. I’m hoping some reviews of this bike start to appear soon.

  8. anna says:

    Seems like a nice ride. Your outfit and the Flik match up perfectly! I’m curious to learn more about folding bikes, so information on that topic is always welcome :).

  9. Elisa M says:

    great outfit! boots, tights, sweaters and sunglasses are my M.O these days too.

  10. Lewis L says:

    Actually, on a Bike Friday Tikit, the riding position is fine for any length ride because they come in sizes so you can get stretched out properly. And the non-Tikit Bike Fridays have even better proportions and slightly larger wheels so they are pretty much uncompromised as bikes, but don’t fold as quickly or compactly as the Tikit.

  11. Karen says:

    I love your outfit. Chic but practical, my favorite combination. I’ve never really considered a folding bike but if our community ever expanded bus service I think it would be a good investment for me.

  12. meligrosa says:

    luv your outfit and errr coffee? yes please im so there ;-)
    happy hlidays trish!! much luv – meli

  13. Erich says:

    What a small world! My wife and I were on a road trip last week and stayed at our friend’s house in Nashville on the way back. We’re big into biking and he showed us his new toy – a Bike Friday (you see where this is going) and mentioned there’s a blogger chick in the area that he met that has a funky folding bike called the Flik. We knew exactly what he was talking about of course.

    Thanks Andrew, for letting us crash in Nashville, and next time we’ll know to bring our bikes so we can all go for a ride. :)

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