Weird, Windy Wednesday

This morning started off just fine. It was nearly 50 degrees outside. The Flik and I posed for a minute under our tree. If there had been leaves on this sucker, they would have been waving like mad!

Windy morning departure

Of course, two of my neighbors had to leave for work as I was conducting my photoshoot. I’m sure they wondered what the occasion was.

walter watches

Oh Walter, if only you could take pictures.

Slightly embarrassed but not daunted, we set off, into the wind. Yikes. Nashville could have put the Lakefront Trail to shame this morning, with a steady, strong wind and occasional gusts that had me in the lower range of gears all the way to work. Once I turned north, the wind was coming from the side. I thought that was an improvement until a huge gust almost pushed me out of the bike lane.

But I didn’t realize how bad it was until my boss told me that the state Christmas tree had been blown over by the wind last night.

poor Christmas tree

Tennessee's poor Christmas tree (photo by WSMV)

I left work a little early, hoping to beat the cold front. Though it had cooled off considerably from this morning’s 50 degrees, the wind had died down and I was looking forward to a ride home in the twilight, my favorite time of the day.

But I’d hardly gone a block when the Flik ate my pants.

And we were getting along so well!

This was actually the first time I’d worn pants on the Flik. Though it has no chain case or guard of any kind, it has the same oversized crank-cover thing (what do you call this — anyone know?) that my Peugeot does. Since I’ve worn pants on the Peugeot many a time, I thought I would be safe. Lesson learned; never trust an open chain! I LL Cool J’d it all the way home, with my right  pant leg tucked into my oh-so-trendy snowflake socks (hey, I have to summon the white stuff somehow!).

Still, despite the torn pants and the cold, the ride home in the evening light was beautiful.

last of the leaves

Last of the leaves

holiday lights

holiday lights

How’s the world treating you this Wednesday?

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26 thoughts on “Weird, Windy Wednesday

  1. Low 80s today in Miami Beach. No wind, unforgiving sun beating down on us all day long. Nice night so far, dropping to the low 70s with a nice breeze as I biked to the supermarket and back.
    You did ask. :-)
    Please send some of that cold front this way, though. We’d appreciate it.

  2. Oh no, the pants eating experience! Those chains are treacherous. I hear you about the sideways wind – I nearly got blown into the river once.

    By the way – where do you and Dottie put the camera when you take pictures of yourselves? I assume you don’t carry a tripod with you. But when I try to put it on a bench or a ledge, it never quite works out, and the angle from the ground comes out a little weird.

    • Trisha says:

      It was my very first! Quite traumatic, but I suppose it had to happen sometime!

      Dottie actually woke me up to the possibility of using stationary objects like trash cans, etc., to take photos. So I owe this one to an electrical unit of some sort.

    • Maggie says:

      I was once blown out into traffic by an airplane taking off at LAX. A major boulevard crosses behind the runway. Needless to say I learned my lesson and it never happened again.

    • Keri says:

      There are some cool little mini-tripods that can fit in a pocket. They’re great for allowing you to level the photo from the bench, trashcan, ground, etc.

      I’ve had some nasty crosswind gust experiences. One second you’re here, the next you’re two feet to the left or right. Scary.

      (It was 87° and humid in Orlando today. I would be happy for y’all to send some chill down here. I’m over the heat.)

  3. Sox says:

    Hey Miami
    We could send you some cold! -29C (-20F) with a windchill of -37C (-35F) today . And it technically isn’t winter yet.

  4. BikeOmaha says:

    Bash guard. That is what is on the outside of between your front chainring and crankarms. It’s good for keeping the chainring from betting bent when you bottom it out on something like a curb or log (they are used on downhill MTB’s and many single speeds). They are not that useful at keeping your pants from getting into the chain.

  5. Wow….That sounds scary! Strong winds are NOT fun. I’m always afraid it’s actually a tornado or something. Glad to know you got home safe! So sorry your pant cuff didn’t :(

  6. Aaron says:

    We’ve had a long bout of cold weather here in Boulder, but thankfully no strong “Chinooks” yet (the strong west wind brought on by a low jet stream). I’ve been nearly blown into traffic before, too. It’s a scary feeling.

    On the topic of cold, I must say that I kind of get a kick out of bundling up (total coverage including face mask) as if I’m going out into a hostile and unforgiving climate. Perhaps it’s because I’m currently rereading “Dune”.

  7. BB says:

    Ha ha. I like the way you use “LL Cool J” as a verb.

    It was windy in metro Atlanta on Wednesday too. It actually felt kinda hot during the middle of the day, but it was likely due to the exertion of pedaling against the wind. Oh well, I’ll be missing the opportunity to get hot outdoors after the winter solstice.

  8. anna says:

    Well, wednesday is already over for me. It was a long day at work, cycling back in the dark (as usual). But I have new lights, so that’s also some fun :).
    My bike used to eat my pants too. Now I wear neon rings.

  9. dottie says:

    My old Jamis had a chain plate and ate my yoga pants. It’s a bike commuter rite of passage :)

    Poor little TN Christmas tree. The wind is terrible in Chicago, too. -20 F windchills this morning.

  10. We’ve got a blizzard warning in Grand Rapids today. It’s snowing and windy, but I haven’t seen a “blizzard” yet. We’ll see.

    • Trisha says:

      Heard that on the news this morning and thought of you. I’m very jealous — we got one tiny flurry of snow last winter and I want more this year.

  11. E A says:

    The winds were literally blowing Dottie and me sideways last night on our short commute together. I was glad we were on the road together. Luckily not too many cars around while we got blown into the lane.

    Today we have the coldest weather we’ve seen in 8 months – -10 F below windchill.

  12. Step-Through says:

    Yep, Atlanta has been pretty gusty, and we dropped from the upper 60s yesterday to 20s overnight. It was so windy this morning I kept checking to see if my tires were low – I couldn’t figure out why I was going so slowly. I was comfy riding but I run out of places to stash all my layers!

  13. miss sarah says:

    Oh Trisha – GRRR! My pants have only gotten eaten in jr. high on a mountain bike. I never realized there was any OTHER kind of bike at the time. Well, there probably weren’t at that time. Not in Edmonton.

    I hate wind. So much. You are brave.


  14. Milo says:


    the thing to do with (long) pants when riding is tuck ’em into your socks! Folks in old, cold and often poorer European countries have been doing this for generations. I know a fully enclosed chain case suggests you can ride anyway you want, but a loose or flapping pants-cuff can still get snagged between case and crank arm – ask Dottie! A partial chain cover is called a chain guard in my part of the world. MTB’rs would call it a crash guard ‘coz they jump over rough stuff a lot.
    Enjoyed your blog on the Flik folder. A very pretty bike.I’ve got a (used) Brompton. It’s clever, eccentric and I love it. Rode from Colorado Springs to Denver on it once, (80 miles) assisted by a hurricane of a tale-wind. Took all day. Thank you Jesus.


  15. Milo says:

    Oops! I mean tail-wind, of course.


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