I think today was the coldest of the season, dropping down to 32 degrees F. We donned our winter Bern helmets and safety glasses for a trip to a home improvement store. I got caught up in the holiday ribbon section, where I picked up some trimmings for Oma (more on that later).

Waiting for Winter

Despite the chill today, the weather tomorrow is expected to be sunny and up to 54 degrees F. I feel like I’ve spent a month bracing for a winter that never comes. By this time last year, snow was on the ground. Not that I’m complaining – I’ll be on my bike enjoying the sunshine!

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18 thoughts on “Winter?

  1. Al says:

    Really enjoying your blog. Reading about your experiences makes me want to go to ride through Chicago. One of the great things about your site is that you focus on the simplicity of community and biking – simply for the pure enjoyment of it.

  2. Lucas says:

    Oh don’t worry too much; Winter will be here soon enough… I just hope it won’t stick around as long as it did last year!

  3. shane says:

    Phew, good to see others wearing safety glasses. ;) It only took one bug in the eye to put them on for all rides where sunglasses aren’t appropriate. Stay warm!

  4. i love those helmets! speaking of ribbons (sort of), this weekend in san francisco, i saw a guy with christmas lights strung all over and around his bike, just blinking away. they looked awesome, and i bet they keep the cars away from him, too.

    i hope winter stays away! i’m enjoying this indian summer!

    • Sox says:

      A bike with Christmas lights? What fun!
      No snow here yet either. The weather people keep threatening us, and there are many folks who want it, but I am cheering.

  5. Anne Hawley says:

    You both look so stylish and car(e)free! Looking forward to the ribbon post.

  6. maria says:

    Oh, it was so very chilly here today too!! You both look so wonderful.

  7. Mr. Mechanic says:

    Now that winter is upon us it means rain, snow, salt, and mud. The brakes on an Azor or any bike equipped with Shimano roller brakes, need some attention under these conditions to keep them working. That means greasing them, which is extremely easy, but you must use the correct lubricant. No motor oil, 3-in-1, or WD-40. Here is a good site to go to to learn how and get the correct lubricant and do it yourself….if your into that.

    • nuliajuk says:

      Do disk brakes require any special winterization?

      • Mr Mechanic says:

        No, they’re probably the most maintenance-free brakes you’ll find although cold weather makes the grease thick so they will drag a little. Shimano roller brakes have, I think they call it a power modulator…whatever that means. If they get grabby and stop the bike too soon (you shouldn’t be able to lock these brakes up, they call it a safety?? feature) or get noisy, they need greased. I have to do mine about three times a year, I ride a lot in all weather and wet weather does wash the grease out.

  8. bicycle seat says:

    thanks for sharink your pic and your experience

  9. nuliajuk says:

    One fellow in my company’s Saskatoon office rides all year ’round… even on the -40ºC or colder days. (Supposedly it got to -53ºC one day last winter.) It’s a very small city, but that’s still pretty impressive. I wonder what his winter riding strategies are? Perhaps ski goggles instead of glasses?

    • Dean Peddle says:

      I have actually wore ski googles during some really cold Canadian winter days and they work quite well…especially if its snowing.

  10. Catherine says:

    I’m going to get garland and a small wreath for my Amsterdam!

    I used to go to a nursery about 3 miles away (uphill) to get my tree and associated decorations. I’m not really in the mood to haul a tree on a bike 3 miles downhill, so I’m going to wait until my neighborhood church has its sale–beginning next weekend I think. I’m going back and forth on just dragging the tree home myself or dragging it with aid of the bike. Either way, I’m doing the sidewalks!

  11. Cyclin Missy says:

    You two look so healthy and happy! Isn’t riding great?!

  12. Good to hear you guys are getting some sunny weather – Send some of it our way to Boston please!

    I love your basket ribbon; need to get me some decorative materials for my Pashley for the holidays!

  13. Ira says:

    I bet you could fit a Christmas tree on your front rack. Have you aver tried it?

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