Have a Haunting Halloween

Two of the more festive houses along my commute:

10.20halloweenThis house is made all the more fearsome by the fact that I somehow took the picture off-kilter.


Happy Halloween!


5 thoughts on “Have a Haunting Halloween

  1. miss sarah says:

    Oh, cute craftsman homes! I’ll post some pictures of what’s happening over here later on today.

    Happy Halloween!


  2. dottie says:

    I want a house so I can dress it up for Halloween, Christmas, Easter, Presidents’ Day, whatever :)

  3. Trisha,

    You must be glad to have a fast bike!

  4. academichic says:

    That first house is awesome! Definitely something I didn’t see here in Germany this year, I forgot how much fun it is to see houses all decked out for Halloween! Thanks for sharing these! S.

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