Two Pictures, One Garden

After six months of winter, I was thrilled by the re-emergence of roses and puffy hydrangea in Chicago’s Grant Park. I cycled through the garden every day to and from work, and these flowers always brought a smile to my face. Sadly, they are now dying as autumn takes over.

Beginning of summer, blooming flowers in Grant Park

Beginning of summer, blooming flowers in Grant Park

End of summer, dying flowers in Grant Park

End of summer, dying flowers in Grant Park

Aw, so sad.  See you in nine months, garden!

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8 thoughts on “Two Pictures, One Garden

  1. I know for you northern folk this sucks, but man, I cannot wait for summer (the really hot version, as all seasons in Miami are variations of summer) goes away.

  2. Sheena says:

    It looks so sad! It’s a perfect example of how short our Spring/Summer is in Chicago. And I love autumn since it’s my favorite season, but winter is waaay too long.

  3. I like to see signs of seasonal change, and being out on my bike this year makes me more aware of it than ever. Last night we were coming home from our local bike shop and I was photographing the early autumn flowers in the yards of all the houses that we passed. Would have never noticed them in a car.

  4. grambev says:

    The warm months are precious because the cold months always seem to last a full six months in the northernmost states. By the time it really gets warm again we’re all feeling like winter will NEVER END.

  5. Catherine says:

    Oh, I love the change in seasons. All of them. They all have something special about them, even if I’m not a fan of the season we’re transitioning into. Even though I despise summer (loathe, abhor), those first few days in May when it’s getting to the hotter side of warm and it smells like fresh cut grass and the bugs are out singing….I like that. I get sick of it right quick, but I like it for a little while.

    I think I like the change and transition itself–getting to enjoy something new and different every few months. Something to clock memories and events by. Little traditions (apple picking! Snow angels!), and special foods (does hot apple cider even taste the same in 80 degree weather?)….it’s all just so great! And fall is by far the best and most magical and electric and sadly most ephemeral of them all, especially at this latitude.

  6. I was out with my cycle coach in the park last weekend. It’s a shame to see the flowers go but colder weather makes training easier so I’m all for the winter months! :-)

  7. 2whls3spds says:

    One primary reason for not moving further north than where I am currently located…WINTER!

    We get the four seasons, but winter is the shortest ;-)


  8. but they are gorgeous when they’re in season!!

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