Goodbye Summer

Now that Labor Day is over, summer is definitely coming to a close. But there’s still beauty to be found on my commute—here are a few snapshots of some interesting Nashville sights I might not have noticed while driving. (Apologies for the somewhat crappy snaps; my camera has decided this will be its last summer. In the meantime I’ll tell myself these cell phone pictures have an old-fashioned, Polaroid-like quality.)

Pampas grass against a blue sky

Pampas grass against a blue sky

Remnants of a summer garden

Remnants of a summer garden

Front yard art

Front yard art

Artsy front porch

Artsy front porch

Pink flamingos and the Islamic Center

Pink flamingos and the Islamic Center

But I’m not mourning the loss of summer too much: autumn is my favorite season. Can’t wait to spot those first golden leaves and smell the crisp, cool air.

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16 thoughts on “Goodbye Summer

  1. bikelover says:


    That’s PAMPAS grass, after the Argentine Pampas, its home.

  2. Hi Dottie, I wanted to stop by and thank you for commenting on my “before & after” home make-over on Design*Sponge. There’s many photos they didn’t include, along with more info about our remodel. You can visit my blog to learn more at The Old Painted Cottage.

    Jennifer Grey
    The Old Painted Cottage

  3. Gordon Inkeles says:


    I’m looking at cycling cameras too. A wide angle lens (28 millimeter or lower) would allow me to include groups of people without having to move so far back that everyone becomes tiny. However, the new Canon D10, which only widens to 35 millimeters, does have some obvious advantages for cycling:

    • Trisha says:

      I don’t know a lot about cameras or photography, unfortunately, but I do know some about Photoshop. ;-) Keep me posted on what you get; in the meantime I’ll be stalking woot and the like for something small.

    • Catherine says:

      I can’t look it up right now (sorry–commercial sites blocked at work) but the Hero Go Pro camera is a video camera for high-motion sports–it has a wide-angle fisheye type lens. I’ve borrowed a friend’s so that I can get good video of my commute. I haven’t set the thing up yet (or even looked at it much) but it may have a still-photo feature. Could be worth looking into.

    • dottie says:

      Now that we’re talking cameras, I really want a DSLR. A Canon D50, to be exact. Too bad it’s very expensive and I’m very jobless :( My new Cannon PowerShot is a disappointment compared to my old Panasonic point and shoot.

      • E A says:

        Don’t get me started on the desire for a dslr! Mmm.. Nikon or Canon. A Nikon D60…

        What about the Canon PowerShot SD780 IS? It even comes in colors!

  4. cupcakerator says:

    Don’t mention summer ending!

    Though…it is nice not to sweat terribly when riding. Fall can come but can we skip winter?

  5. I am not ready for summer to end yet! We’re taking our vacation mid-September to prevent that.

  6. dottie says:

    I can feel summer dying in those pictures. I’m like you, though. Bring on the autumn!

  7. cyclemaniac says:

    Whatever the season God-given beauty is there somewhere. All that we need to do is to stop or slow down a little and find/take notice.

    Happy autumn.


  8. Gordon Inkeles says:


    My New Year’s resolution this year was to ride more in the rain and even try snow if we’re ever lucky enough to get more in Arcata. Thus the Cano D10 caught my eye, since it not only works underwater but can survive a fall.

  9. academichic says:

    Great images capturing the last of summer. I too look forward to fall though and I really hope I can get a bike in Germany so that I can also delight in enjoying autumn on a bike. S.

    • Trisha says:

      My friend just came back from a semester in Germany and had no trouble finding a bike there — looking forward to seeing your photos of riding overseas and European-inspired looks!

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