Jobs I Would Like to Have

Note to the blogosphere: when someone sends me a link that is summarized like this

I just read this on yahoo and thought of you.  Bikes!  France!  Technology!  Oh my!!!!

it will be clicked on. Immediately. (The only noun that could have been added to make this even this more appropriate for me would have been “books” or perhaps, “cheese.”)

This is what I found.

Picture 2(click on photo to see more photos)

That is the La Defense. In Paris! And the person on the trike has been paid by Google to ride around the city taking pictures for Google Street View. They plan to do a Street View of all major tourist cities in France. Paris stops include Les Halles, le Jardin du Luxembourg and Versailles. You can read the full article hereCharlotte, did you spot any of these guys? (ETA: Apparently they’re cruising around England, too.)

Thanks to Jen for the link!

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6 thoughts on “Jobs I Would Like to Have

  1. dottie says:

    Sounds perfect for you!! I’ll take the job in England since I, you know, speak English.

  2. Charlotte says:

    Whoa, so cool!
    I didn’t see them, but I wasn’t in Paris very long and I wasn’t much in the touristy areas (unless they’re documenting the 20th? I didn’t think so…)

    Tricia, can we job share? That would mean more time for cheese.

  3. Mamavee says:

    awesome. I would love that. Much better than the slow driving sedans that go down my street every six months!!

  4. meligrosa says:

    oh man, excellent job. SHOTUGN the one in San Francisco, you hear that google!!! ;)

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