Busy Bee

I have been a busy bee lately, which is why I’ve not written in a few days. The biggest news is that I resigned from my law firm job and I’m going to take my legal career in a new direction. Not having a new job yet is a bit nerve-wracking, but I’m excited about the future and I need a break. Now that I don’t have a commute, I’ll have to make up more reasons to ride my bike. In other busy bee news, Sunday I was up early to support Melissa running the Chicago Half Marathon. She performed wonderfully, beating her goal time. Yay, Melissa! Maybe her new bike commuting routine helped push her over the edge? :) Then on Monday and Tuesday I had Tori Amos concerts, first in Chicago and second in Milwaukee. I’ve been a huge Tori fan since high school, so her new albums and tours are major life events for me. Last night I was second row center – amazing!

Melissa and me at the Chicago Theatre to see Tori

Melissa and me at the Chicago Theatre to see Tori

Whether you also love Tori, only vaguely remember her from Cornflake Girl, or have no idea who she is, watch this video of her performing one of her new songs, Lady in Blue, in Vienna earlier this year. She is a true original talent!

In an effort to make this post bike-related, here are a couple of Dutch bikes I spotted in Chicago this week.

Electra Amsterdam

Electra Amsterdam

De Fietsfabriek

De Fietsfabriek

The De Fietsfabriek was parked only a couple of blocks from my place. I wonder who owns it. I see a lot of men’s Dutch-style bikes parked around the city, but I don’t recall seeing many men riding them. A notable exception was a very finely dressed young man riding an Amsterdam through Lincoln Park. I rang my bell at him ;)


20 thoughts on “Busy Bee

  1. calitexican says:

    wow! congrats on beginning the new chapter of your career!

  2. Sigrid says:

    Wow! You voluntarily left a job in this economy ~ kudos to you! It’s always good to take the reins of your own life for sure and I wish you much success and happiness. I look forward to reading about your journey. Believe me, bicycling in the middle of the day while everyone at work is one of the greatest treats a gal can have in the summer! I’ve gotten spoiled for sure.

    Happy jobless riding…

    • dottie says:

      Well, if I hadn’t taken the reins, it would have been a miserable waiting game, anyway. Business was not exactly booming. It felt good to take control.

      • Sigrid says:

        “while everyone IS at work”…maybe that’s why I’m unemployed. :p

        Anyhow, good for you. Relish that first free ride girlfriend!

        Hmmm…perhaps we could collaborate on our futures…I have some ideas….unemployed…ladies……..biking…reallllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyy…..slllloooooooooowwwwwwllllllly

  3. Johnny says:

    Awesome! We caught Tori just before she went to Chicago, this past weekend in DC. It was AMAZING! :)

  4. E A says:

    Wow! Talk about life changes. My best to you! Enjoy your new 9-5 routine — take rides! :-)

  5. We cyclists can always use a sympathetic advocate, especially after an accident!

  6. Trisha says:

    Love the dress! There’s better things ahead, no doubt. ;) And yay, Melissa — I am so impressed.

  7. Tinker says:

    I can ‘t imagine you will have a lot of difficulty coming up with reasons/excuses to ride SOMEwhere, you will have a lot of time to think without that day job hanging over you. I suppose you are a bit young to retire, huh? Best of luck, I have just gotten used to the situation, retiring in my early 50’s.

    Maybe you can specialize in Bicycle Law, defending Bicyclists against automotive predators, or something. A one woman pressure group to influence Chicago to provide necessary infrastucture, to make bicycling. faster, better for the whole city, make Chicago an example for the whole country? (Chicago as American Copenhagen?)

    Very brave, but if you are going to do it, make it good, so you don’t have to kick yourself for trying.

    I told my grand-daughter at her graduation, NO one says, on their deathbed, I wish I had worked harder to make the bosses more money. But you DO need a bit more than just enough!

    Figuring out how to do the latter without falling into the corporate mindset is HARD.

  8. Job resignation anda Tori Amos concert? My, that’s busy indeed! : ) But seriously: By the tone of your post and later comments, it sounds like you are doing the right thing. I ended up resigning from my first job after grad-school, because it simply felt like the wrong path for me. It was a scary thing to do, but it was also liberating and my life improved because of that decision. Good luck with everything and take some time to relax this summer!

  9. Cyclin Missy says:

    Good luck in finding the next job that takes your career in the direction you want to go! At least you’ll save money in the mean time by not buying gasoline!

  10. Dean Peddle says:

    Wow….good luck with your Future. Maybe you can take this blog mainstream and have it pay your salary!!!! It is the best blog on the web.

  11. sara says:

    Felicidades. Good luck with your new adventures.

  12. academichic says:

    You both look fabulous in your concert dresses! Good luck with what the future holds for you now, I’m sure you’ll make great things happen! It takes guts to resign but it sounds like you’re taking a worthwhile risk! All the best! S.

  13. Charlie says:

    Leaving your job rules. Nice work.

  14. Zweiradler says:

    I’m impressed. Good luck for your future.

    I wish I had some more time for blogging, but currently I don’t have much. :)

  15. Scott says:

    Hey, I saw Tori Amos at the garden in NYC in 1997. It was a great show — maynard keenan from tool came on stage and they did a few duets.

    Hope your post-law firm life is a good one! I have an evening of document review lined up for tonight . . . at least there will be a bike ride home at the end of it.

  16. Dina says:

    You guys look so fab! I love Tori :)

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