The Chai Cyclist Buys An Azor

Two Azors

Two Azors

Today I had the pleasure of meeting a fellow blogger of Chai Cyclist and Icicle Bicycle fame. He’s visiting Chicago from Minneapolis to buy an Azor Transport from Dutch Bike Chicago. (They’re running a swift business, selling three bikes while I was there, including a bakfiets.) Mr. Dottie and I met him and his cousin at the shop and then all went for a ride on the Lakefront Trail, stopping for ice cream at Navy Pier. The light rain was just enough to keep the trail from being crowded, but not enough to keep our group of year-round riders away. A lovely way to spend a Saturday. Enjoy cruising in comfort and style!

Tara and her Azor Swan

Tara and her Azor Swan

Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting the lovely Tara. I saw her by the trail with her Azor Swan and had to pull over to talk to her. She bought the Swan six weeks ago and loves it. She said she probably saw me around before and has stumbled across this blog. Today I realized that I have seen her before – I was riding home before a Cubs game and she was holding a parking sign (you can get good money for letting someone park in your space on a game day if you live close enough to Wrigley Field). I went by and she called out, “Yay, Dutch bike, I have one of those.” At least, I think that was her. Mr. Dottie thinks so. Very cool. If you’re out there, Tara, say hi :)

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19 thoughts on “The Chai Cyclist Buys An Azor

  1. Trisha says:

    How fun! Hi spiderleg! Loving the Azor pics. Tell Oma I miss her. ;-)

  2. Tad Salyards says:

    Tara’s my sister!

  3. meligrosa says:

    haa spiderleg! so cool, did u guys enjoy some chai?
    would love to visit the midwest and Il areas soon, if we do we musst do a coffee (Ok, and tea) ride.
    how wonderful bike bloggers getting together, has been my favorite part about having a blog, meeting in person other bloggers. ride on xoxox/much love from SF, meli

  4. anna says:

    So cool to meet people through cycling (blogs)! Maybe I should plan a trip to the US to meet all of you guys in person too :-).

  5. Those two Azors look so pretty together! And I love the double top tube of transport bikes.

  6. Sigrid says:

    Wow. We are all crazy nuts. Thanks for that!
    yea slg ~ congrats!

  7. Thanks Dottie! I just got home and was able to put the bike back together and go for a short ride at dusk. What a ride.

    It was very nice of you and hubby to stop over at the shop and wait while I purchased the Dutchie. We really enjoyed the ride on lake Michigan. You have real treasure there. Thanks for your hospitality and if you ever want to check out the upper, upper midwest, I’d be happy to return the favor.

    BTW~ You have an excellent Moroccan restaurant called Andalous over on Clark St. We needed a long walk after that meal. Mmmm! And Moroccan mint

  8. sara says:

    Love the Dutch bike connections! There’s a guy in town who doesn’t know my name, but whenever he sees me (even when I am riding the xtracycle), he always calls out, “Hey, Bakfiets!” It always makes me laugh.

  9. Acacia says:

    How cool to see Tara on my first foray into bike blogs! We hang at her dad’s place when we come up from Peoria, and the Williams (my husband) and the Salyards are basically family. Someday I want a Dutch bike (though Pashley is also calling me…), but for now I’m on a Specialized comfort bike. Sigh.

  10. peng says:

    Hi, I like that female Azor bike. Where did you buy it? and how much? I want to buy the same one.

  11. peng says:

    Tara and her Azor Swan
    I like to buy the Azor Swan bike as Tara has. Where should I go to find this bike?

  12. Tara says:

    Haha it’s me Tara the Swan owner!! And YES it was me that yelled out to you while parking for the Cubs game! And I think that’s exactly what I yelled! “Yay Dutch Bike! I have one of those!” Hehe!!

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