Happy Pictures

These pictures make me happy, from Portland Pedalworks.

pp blue

pp - pink

pp - black and yellow

pp - red

I’ll bet it’s fun to dress up like a fairy and ride a bike!

This paper mache bike figurine makes me happy, too.

7-9 mumbreeze

Such a sweet gift from husband and wife team (and longtime readers) Kinya and Kao Hanada. I keep it in my office and it really cheers the place up. Check out their fantastic new bicycle blog – from Portland, Oregon and Kawasaki, Japan! – and Etsy store.

Happy Friday!

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5 thoughts on “Happy Pictures

  1. Mamavee says:

    nifty! I keep wanting to take the bike taxi’s in boston but never see one when I really need one.

  2. ksteinhoff says:

    I went on a Summer of Love 60’s ride with our local Freakbike Militia last week.


    Lots of modified bikes, funky costumes and good vibes. Even motorists at corked intersections got into the spirit, waving, showing the peace sign and pulling out their cell phone cameras.

    Best group ride I’ve ever been on.

  3. Melissa Hope S says:

    They make me happy too! I looked at them 3 times!

  4. Trisha says:

    Pretty pics! It’s about time we gave props to Kinya and Kao Hanada—my figurine is also on my desk. And I was excited to see them included in a feature on bike crafts in the latest issue of Momentum.

  5. How absolutely day-brightening! LOVE IT!!!

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