Bike Giveaway!

Attention stylish readers: you still have 9 days to win a free bike from Chictopia and the fabulous TopShop (ah, the hours–and pounds!–Dottie and I spent in their Oxford Street store) in the TopShop bicycle club contest. They’re giving away five bikes every week to the five people voted “most stylish,” so the odds of winning are quite good.

Pretty blue cruiser, basket not included.

Pretty blue cruiser, basket not included.

Don’t feel like staging a photo shoot? Go vote for Dottie or me! Yes, we already have bikes, but we know so many people in need—and, as Dottie puts it in her contest photo, she’s a great bike mom! Should I win, the Chictopia bike will be living the high life with my aunt in Hawaii (she’s been looking for a cute cruiser). Win or lose, it was fun to be part of such a cool contest–whether or not you’re interested in entering, you should head over and check out the pictures of classy riders and sassy bikes from across the USA.

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8 thoughts on “Bike Giveaway!

  1. I cannot believe that I have found a bike PRON site. Great photos! Love it! I used to ride my bike in a skirt…good times…

  2. dottie says:

    Too bed the basket’s not included. Looks like a Peterboro.

  3. Sigrid says:

    What fun pictures of so many stylish folks! Good luck.

  4. Anonymous says:

    What happened to the front fender?

  5. Mamavee says:

    question: If I submit a photo- would I see it on the page? Or are those the chosen favorites? WOndering if I did it correctly. feeling a tad old and tech dumb.

    • dottie says:

      It should show up almost immediately, but I had to submit mine twice. Try again.

      • Mamavee says:

        did you do anything different that upload and add the bicycle club thingie? I also saw no place that asked where I was in the US… I see everyone else is tagged onthe map which was why I got suspect that I didn’t do it right…. I logged in ( registered) then uploaded it and it’s on my profile thing there…. hmmm glad I didn’t leave this to next thursday or I’d just give up…. I want some cargo bikes toting kids up there!

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