Ride Your Bike To A Rock Concert

Just another suggestion from Let’s Go Ride a Bike.

7-2 sonic youth t 7-2 sonic youth dot

Think about the money you’ll save that you can spend on beer instead of a cab or bus.  Think of how easy it will be to step out the door, grab your bike, and sail by all the traffic while singing, “Let’s go walking on water / now you think I’m Satan’s daughter!” Think of how cool the breeze will feel after hours packed in a hot theater. Bikes are so rock ‘n roll!

That concludes the adventures of Trisha’s visit to Chicago. The city misses her already!


I love that Kim Gordon dances on stage like I dance at home when I’m alone.

I wanna be her when I grow up.

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5 thoughts on “Ride Your Bike To A Rock Concert

  1. Trisha says:

    Ah, and I miss Chicago! Need to start planning our next trip…

  2. CJ says:

    Hey, now THIS I have done! Only it was Ray LaMontagne. So I rode my bike to a folk concert.

  3. lindseykron says:

    Good choice!

  4. Mamavee says:

    I’m just seeing this b/c I was searching for a betty Foy post. Nice!!!

    Um, tell me more about the betty foy. I emailed a friend who lent me the road bike about a more step through frame and he off handedly mentioned the betty foy….. You handle bars are swooped and relaxed no? For upright position? Gears? But it’s also fast?? I am all sort of confused and glad I have a few years before I pick out my ultimate solo bicycle… But I want upright. I am finding I Lurve the fast of a road bike, but still need step through and all the commuting perks of fenders etc… I’ll probably post on my own blog about all the stuff I want and see if there is a magical mix up… I’ll keep looking for your review…

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