Famke Janssen Rides My Bike!

That beauty there is definitely an Azor Oma.  I’m such a trendsetter. First Ellen, now Famke.

Famke Janssen rolls like Dottie

Famke Janssen rolls like Dottie

Spotted at Copenhagen Cycle Chic.

Not just a one-time photo op

Not just a one-time photo op

This pic spotted on Cyclelicious.

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14 thoughts on “Famke Janssen Rides My Bike!

  1. …as Copenhagen Cycle Chic snagged from my earlier posting at:

    But actually I found it here: http://www.totallycrap.com/galleries/famke_jansen_riding_a_bike/NL/

    …and if you scroll down through his photos you’ll find the highly zoomed images that demonstrate the flawless ergonomics of the Brooks B67S saddle on the WorkCycles/Azor Oma, amongst other things.

    • dottie says:

      When a celebrity buys one of your bikes, do you know about it? Must be cool to see pics of them in paparazzi shots!

      • David Schmidt from Dutch Bike Seattle mentioned it once. In fact I think if might have been Famke who bought TWO, one for her home in NY and the other for LA.

        They’re not props or placements either; She really bought them and rides them for transportation, just like back home in Holland.

  2. Notice how her boots match the saddle in the second photo!

  3. johnson says:

    She should only use her phone when not riding. She is a dangerous cyclist. If a call is important stop your bike and talk.

    • johnson,
      Famke is Dutch so she’ll think nothing of riding no-hands, carrying flowers, talking on the phone and carrying a passenger side-saddle on the rear carrier all at the same time. She probably thinks wearing a helmet on a bicycle is crazy talk and this is quite possibly the first time she’s ever ridden a bike with decent brakes.

      Famke grew up doing this where it’s as normal as daylight and will continue to do so because it’s actually not particularly dangerous, for herself or others.

    • Brain says:

      Dutch bikes are so darn slow, if you can’t multitask while cycling then there is a problem.

      I guess in America the rules are different where bicycles are like cars, so her behavior would be the equivalent of a car driver talking on a cell phone while driving. Dunno about NYC, but I think that’s illegal in LA.

      Gah, who cares? No one follows traffic laws anyway. I run every red light in Utrecht because they are annoying.

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  5. Milo says:

    Hey johnson! – what are you, Australian?


  6. Jelpgycle says:

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    what tell?

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