First Dutch-Style Bike Spotting!

On Tuesday I had to go to Vanderbilt. As the Bat and I rode over during our lunch break, we spotted this beauty anchoring a bike rack full of mountain bikes: an Electra Amsterdam!

Snazzy, stylish lady bike.

Snazzy, stylish lady bike.

I wanted to park the Bat next to her for maximum effect, but alas, the spaces next to the Electra couldn’t fit a 700 cc tire—there’s a reason the Electra is at the end of the rack. The Bat is parked in a similar space between the two racks. Now if I could only run into this bike’s owner on the road. Maybe one of these days.

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10 thoughts on “First Dutch-Style Bike Spotting!

  1. dottie says:

    Yay! Dutch-style bikes make the world a better place :)

  2. Leave the owner a note : )

  3. tsalyards says:

    My buddy Matt got an Electra Amsterdam a month or so back. He’s going to be writing a review and posting it on my blog. Personally, I don’t recommend Electra. The skirt guards on the most recent model have a nasty habit of popping off while riding. They might be headed towards another recall :( Stay tuned for more info.

  4. Trisha says:

    Yeah, I have heard about issues with the Electras but they’re still good-looking bikes! It’s unusual to see anything remotely Dutch-style in this area.

  5. scott says:

    Someone parks an Electra Amsterdam outside the building where I work. I stopped to look at it once — it’s no Batavus, that’s for sure. I heard it is now very hip to ride one in real Amsterdam. It makes no sense why a Dutch hipster would pay to ship this thing to Holland. I think it has something to do with riding super cheap crappy bikes.

  6. Mistie says:

    There is an American bicycle company making affordable ($600) high quality hand made Dutch Style bikes. They’re called Bowery Lane Bicycles –

    They’re hand made from American steel and at a factory using solar energy in NYC and have been receiving a lot of press.

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