ça pue!

Et ici “ça” = “moi.” At least for a few minutes after I arrive at the office. Temps aren’t too high yet, but with 95% humidity, I’m thinking it’s time to start coming into work early lest my coworkers start begging me to work from home. I got here today, cranked up the air and purchased some Action Wipes. Next week, I’ll come in wearing different clothes than the ones I work in, and wipe down and reapply deodorant in the bathroom once I arrive. Ah, the glamour of summer commuting!

What are your strategies for coping with the summer heat?

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10 thoughts on “ça pue!

  1. Dean Peddle says:

    Well, the showers at work really help right now but years ago, pre-showers I’d wash my hair in the sink in the bathroom and use lots of baby powder on my body.

    • Trisha says:

      We actually have a shower here, in the upstairs men’s bathroom…the only man doesn’t come in until nine, so technically I could use it. But something about showering at work seems odd to me. I’m saving it for a dire situation.

      p.s. I know it’s not spelled the same way but whether real or for online use only, your last name really suits a bike commuter!

      • Dean Peddle says:

        LOL. Thanks!!! Yes…it’s my real name. I get the same reaction from every bike store I purchase something from. Showering at work is great….but I do have a rather long commute…37kms and I would wear bike lycra. But lately I’ve been riding only 10 kms from my wifes work and I use regular clothes for that on either my Dutch bike or fold up bike. I must say I really enjoy riding in my normal clothes since it save so much time from showering and changing. I’ve even done the ride home (37km) in my normal clothes without a problem. As the summers get a little hotter here in Canada I’m thinking of buying some wool shirts. Currently I have wool underwear and socks and they work wonders.

  2. Cyclin Missy says:

    We don’t have showers at work either, so I wear clothes just for the ride, wipe down with a wash cloth or paper towel at work and change into my nice clothes. I use cool water for the wipe down in the restroom, which also allows me to cool off before puting my office clothes on. I just can’t bring myself to pay for Action Wipes yet, though I hear they are fabulous.

  3. Cyclin Missy says:

    BTW, vive les francophiles! Si vous voulez pratiquer votre Francais, envoyez-moi un message! On peut discuter les valeurs du velo!

    • Trisha says:

      Missy, on peut se tutoyer, non ? ;-) Je trouve qu’il y a pas mal de cyclistes americans qui parle français ; ça me plait.

  4. anna says:

    Well, first of all very light clothes.Skirts and dresses are great, and shirts that don’t sit too tight. Apart from that I always carry a small deodorant. Some of my colleagues have a spare shirt at work.
    I don’t know how hot your summers get though. Here we have a maximum of about 40°C, but generally below 37°C (about 99 F).

  5. Filigree says:

    To deal with the summer, I wear only natural fibers: cotton, linen and raw silk, and in neutral colours (or prints are also great for this) so that they do not show moisture stains. I almost always wear skirts and dresses rather than trousers, because they allow air to circulate better and keep me cooler. Flowing, crinkly, gauzy fabrics are always good, because they will not look worse for wear after cycling. H&M usually has an enormous collection of cotton and linen clothing for summer made of the thinnest fabrics imaginable. Highly recommended!

  6. dottie says:

    The cycle center where I park has a fantastically clean locker room with showers that I was eying this morning, but I never use it. I do the same as Cyclin’ Missy – wear light clothes for the ride, wipe down with soap and washcloth in the bathroom stall, and change into a suit in my office. Not the ideal set up, but it works. That’s one thing I’ll miss about winter – no sweat!

  7. Mitch says:

    I too have always been disclined to shower at work. I’ve never liked locker rooms in general.

    Here’s my own approach to making DIY wipes. I use paper towels from the dispenser in the bathroom. I wet them with a small pull-top water bottle (available at drug- or camping stores) that’s in my bathroom kit. Rub the wet part of the paper towel gently on a bar of soap, which is also part of my kit. Presto! Instant wipe. You can make a rinse cloth the same way, just don’t add soap. I like that system because, not liking to turn the bathroom into a locker room, I don’t need to stand in front of the sink to clean up. Also, the soap bar barely gets wet, so it’s not a gooey mess to deal with on a day to day basis. I like Pine Tar soap (the stuff Grant Petersen of Riv is a fan of), but your favorite bar soap will work too.

    Every once in a while I’ll be at my desk and will notice my hair is stinky (regardless of season). That’s a not-so-gentle reminder that I’ve neglected to clean my helmet pads and/or cycling cap in a long, long time.

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