The Bike Date

A couple of weeks ago, my husband and I were watching a program on the History Channel that started talking about how human males use the car to attract mates by demonstrating their wealth and power. I had to giggle and tell Greg that with that reasoning, he could never get a woman, since he has no car at all. “Hey, baby, wanna ride on my bike?” We all know the stereotype. But once you dislodge yourself from the teat of sexist and consumerist media and think about it logically, what isn’t fun and sexy about riding a bike? Nothing, I say. Certainly someone who is healthy and vigorous as a natural result of enjoying life is more attractive than either someone who is unhealthy or someone who is healthy by driving to the gym and bulking up for the purpose of bulking up.

Heading to the Ballet

Heading to the Ballet, Grant Park

Stylish, high vis, and wool

Heading to the Ballet, Lincoln Statute

Which brings me to the bike date. That’s a good time: sun, fresh air, activity, conversation, and ample opportunity to admire your companion. We put this into action last night, cycling downtown to see the Eifman Ballet of St. Petersburg (front row!). Although I cycle everywhere, it’s a little more special to me when I’m dressed up for a date with my husband. With the weather this beautiful, everyone should give it a try!


18 thoughts on “The Bike Date

  1. jhaygood says:

    Hey Dottie! I guess it goes without saying that you’re speakin’ my language…

    We just had another bike date the other night with two other couples – stopped at a wine bar for starters, then over to a sushi place in Venice, then back to our place in Santa Monica (which means climbing a couple decent hills on the way home). A couple of the folks hadn’t been on a bike in a while but a good time was had by all. It really is a different experience of your community – I’ll have to post about our outings again sometime…

  2. Christa says:

    Interesting, I’d like to see this documentary. I imagine that the car as a good symbol is changing in some places. To me, the bicycle is a symbol of responsibility, health, and wisdom.

    Awww, bike date! Got to love those. :)

  3. Johnny says:

    You guys make a cute bike couple:)
    (bet you hear that a lot)

  4. Larry says:

    For the ultimate bike date and the ultimate test of a marriage you need to ride a tandem. My wife and I are not well matched physically on bicycles so the tandem is the great equalizer and allows us to ride together. My wife likes to ride but hates traffic so has no problems with her stoker position on the bike. This has worked our very well for us and we rarely use single bikes if we are riding together.

    I enjoy the blog. Keep riding.

  5. Jon says:

    I’m envious. Bike dates are the best, and it’s been a while, for me. Guess I need to get out of the dating doldrums!

  6. Ira says:

    As a gentleman cyclist, I let my prosperous midsection speak to my wealth, and a pair of shorts to display the twin tree trunks which are my thighs.

    If found this combination of wealth and power to attract the company of many a lady cyclist.

  7. academichic says:

    What a wonderful date! I LOVE the ballet, so your night out sounds fabulous to me! And what better way to visit the ballet than on a bike ride with your date :)

  8. Karen says:

    What could be more romantic than a bike date? Status symbols like big cars and the acutriments of wealth are, if anything, a huge turn-off. I hope you enjoyed your evening at the ballet. This summer Bob and I will be pedaling to Pine Mountain Amphitheater this summer to listen to concerts and sip wine under the stars. Nothing say romance like that.

  9. Who was it that called a tandem a “relationship accelerator?” Whichever way your relationship was heading, it accelerates.

  10. academichic says:

    Hey Dottie, thanks for the folder clip trick! Now I’m excited to do a little experiment and try the clothes pin vs the file folder method and see how they fare against each other!

  11. QM2 says:

    I have seen some men look seriously hot on a bicycle. Think enormous black classic Roadster, corduroy blazer, leather messenger bag, and floppy hair blowing in the wind…

    – QM2/Filigree from Lovely Bicycle

  12. miss sarah says:

    When guys start going on and on about cars I start judging SO fast! I just keep thinking of all the awful pick up trucks and SUVs that almost run me over.

  13. meligrosa says:

    so adorable! you two are a great looking couple on wheels <3 aw!!

  14. […] bikes, and we all rode and chatted and savored the evening air on our way to the dollar theatre. Dottie was my inspiration for this, since she and her husband go on regular bike dates and it was as fun as […]

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