Nashville Bikes to Work, I Drive to Alabama

Like many U.S. cities, Nashville is celebrating National Bike Month with a Bike-to-Work Week this week. So far I’ve been able to participate with pleasure thanks to some beautiful weather.

Our Bike-to-Work Week culminates with an official Bike-to-Work Day on Friday (Nashvillest has deets) and the Tour de Nash. I knew I couldn’t make the tour (going to pick up the Batavus, FINALLY) but I was really looking forward to participating in my very first Nashville group bike ride and meeting some local fellow commuters. Unfortunately work is calling me to Alabama a day early. If you’re in Nashville, get out there to the Schermerhorn, mix and mingle, and let me know how it went! We need to do this more than one day a year.

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4 thoughts on “Nashville Bikes to Work, I Drive to Alabama

  1. Allison says:

    You should get together another ride T!

  2. dottie says:

    Too bad you’ll miss the ride! Is BTWW in the news there or do you have to search it out via the web? Chicago’s week is mid-June and I think it’s pretty well publicized.

  3. Trisha says:

    It’s not very well publicized. If I didn’t visit cycling blogs/other Nashville-specific blogs, I never would have known about it.

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