Waves and Penguins

The spring winds in Chicago have been even more aggressive than the winter winds. On Monday stormy winds pounded waves onto the lakefront trail, breaking up the asphalt. This created both huge chunks of rock and cavernous potholes to dodge. The water then filled the potholes to create inground pools.

Inground Pool

Inground Pool

Luckily, I was cozy working from home waiting for UPS to bring my Betty Foy*. My husband served as an intrepid reporter, reporting back to me on his adventurous commute.

The picture above is a pothole similar to the one he hit while distracted by waves, knocking his coffee mug out of the bottle cage and forcing him stop and chase it as it rolled toward Lake Michigan (crisis averted in the nick of time).

Waves and Debris

Waves and Debris

No sooner did he take care of that situation, a huge wave took him by surprise by crashing on him over his top tube and knees, soaking him from the waist down (“like standing in the surf”). Notice the water droplets on the top tube in the picture below – it wasn’t raining, that’s all waves.



When he finally got to the end of his white water cycling adventure, he had a whole new water-related situation to deal with: PENGUINS! And you thought you worked with animals (ba dum dum). He’s an engineer, so I’ll just leave this picture open-ended for you to ponder.



I love the fat guy laying down in the lower right hand corner and the sneaky one walking on the ledge in the back.

[*I’m loving Betty, though I’m working out some handlebar positioning kinks. Camera battery was dead today, so my ride review will have to wait.]

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9 thoughts on “Waves and Penguins

  1. Doohickie says:

    You probably don’t want to hear this but… my ride home with doppelgänger was warm and mild…. about 80 degrees.

    Yeah, I know.

    I suck.

    ; D

  2. anna says:

    I see, it’s a fair weather trail. Such waves are cool to watch but probably not so nice to cycle by. Penguins?

  3. Geis says:

    I’m visiting Chicago from Pittsburgh this weekend and am somewhat disappointed that I’ll have no opportunity to ride my bike on the trails there. Sure, I’m visiting family and museums and I’m sure I’ll have a good time but, in all honesty, I would be just as happy to spend it all in the saddle, even with cold winds and crashing waves..

  4. Trisha says:

    Ha! I am glad you posted about this little adventure.

  5. cyclingchicken says:

    Tal loves penguins! Sounds like quite the adventure…ugh that is a scary pothole.

  6. MelissaHopeS says:

    Funny post! When I saw the titled, I was like, “I know she did not see penguins on her ride!!” haha!
    I like penguins. They’re so polite.

  7. Don’t mess with Lake Michigan… or Penguins.

  8. BTW~ We have been having very stable temps and weather for awhile now.

  9. dadabean says:

    There were a couple days last week I thought we’d lose our yard under water, but the temps have been mild- 60’s and 70’s. One night this week got down to 35, the last cold hurrah before Easter. ;)

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