Abnormally Attracted to Bikes?

Cycling has become a central part of my life. I have a strong emotional connection with my my bikes, especially Oma. I don’t know if this type of bike love is more common among women and their bikes, or if it’s common among men, too, or if it’s not common at all and I am abnormally attracted to my bicycles. Ha.

Makool Loves You Locket

Makool Loves You Locket

Regardless, I found a little something to honor this relationship that I can carry around with me all day, even when I’m stuck in my skyskraper at work.

I saw this post on My Hyggelig (a sweet and cozy blog) and simply had to follow the link to Makool Loves You (a sweet independent Portland designer) to buy the locket. I love the whole Makool aesthetic and wish I could wear clothes like theirs all day, every day, instead of business suits.

Waiting for Pictures

Waiting for Pictures

Now I have to order locket-sized photos of Oma and Smurfette. I don’t think most people understand what kind of cyclist I am when they learn that I ride to work everyday (imaging lycra, perhaps) so I’ll be happy to throw the locket open and show off my style of bikes, even if people think I’m a crazy lady (“What’s her deal?”).

*Post title inspired by forthcoming Tori Amos album, Abnormally Attracted to Sin, whose title was inspired by Guys and Dolls.

Tori - Abnormally Attracted to Sin

Tori - Abnormally Attracted to Sin

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13 thoughts on “Abnormally Attracted to Bikes?

  1. Trisha says:

    You’re totally a crazy lady. But we love you anyway. Great locket!

  2. anna says:

    This is great ;-). I think I’m just as (ab)normal as you. People think I’m crazy because I talk so much about bikes and whenever I see a nice parked bike or one on the road I say “wow, look at that bike”. But maybe it’s also just a phase I’m going through, who knows. I was cycling for all of my life in other places without thinking about it much – my advocacy attitude only really started recently when I found out that cycling in Vienna was not normal (as others said) and people always thought that I’m mad cycling around all the time.. So maybe it’s actually the others that are abnormal ;-).

  3. Me too. A bit odd. I see bikes everywhere and like anna, I have been riding for a long time, but just recently began to reflect upon bikes and why I ride them. Perhaps we are a part of a wave of bike-centric people who will rule the world some day. Muhahaha! :)

    Cool locket!

  4. Nico says:

    Maybe I’m crazy too? I even recognize some bikes in traffic and then think “So that’s the person it belongs to” or “Hey, that’s the bike that’s usually parked at …” (insert location). :D But in my opinion the thing we should worry more about is the fact that today’s harmful and dangerous car-centric way of life is NOT considered crazy by most people.

  5. maff says:

    I’m abnormally attracted to bikes too. But I feel that it would be perfectly normal to be attracted to cars that much, so I don’t worry too much about it. ;)

  6. E A says:

    I wear a bicycle guardian angel necklace…. And, I also notice bikes! In fact, that’s why I finally put together the bike calendar of some of my pics for ’09: http://www.zazzle.com/chicago_bikes_2009_calendar-158787914601675600

  7. Jon Grinder says:

    I have been accused of being the biking equivalent of a Baptist preacher, when it comes to bikes. I have seen the light, and I feel the need to lead others to the bike life.

    Cool locket. Classic, bicycle-related jewelry is always a good find.

  8. I really like the locket. And the post title!

  9. 2whls3spds says:

    No we aren’t abnormal…the rest of the world locked into their little steel boxes are abnormal. I mean mankind is s social animal, we need interaction with our fellow humans (and I don’t mean the one fingered salute from behind thick glass) We need exercise, we need fresh air and sunshine (not much of that around here lately :-P ) What better way to get it than by enjoying a ride on the most efficient form of transportation ever invented?

    Ride On!


  10. Sigrid says:

    I love that you bought that beautiful necklace and what a GREAT idea to put pictures of your bicycle inside – perfect! Thanks for the kind words.

    The bike thing? I don’t know…it happens to the best of us. I think we develop a bond because our bicycles take us places physically and emotionally, and deep inside we thank them for all they give ~ they become part of who we are.

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  12. Daniella says:

    what an adorable necklace! lovely!

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