All Schwinns Go to Heaven



This sadly rusting beauty is one of thousands of Schwinns that populate Chicagoland’s streets and sidewalks. During the summer, it seems nearly half of all bicycles that go by are old Schwinns. Once upon a time, of course, Schwinns were made in Chicago. That’s all history now.

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13 thoughts on “All Schwinns Go to Heaven

  1. Tinker says:

    Back when they were not Chinese-made and disposable, I presume.

  2. anna says:

    I’ve seen some old Schwinn bicycles over here too. They are gorgeous! Actually I thought I might buy one of them if I get a new bike. Didn’t now that they were resold though.

  3. meligrosa says:

    THAT is a great title, of course all bike lovers go to heaven too… LOL
    oh schwinns <3

  4. 2whls3spds says:

    That looks like one I rescued from a barn here a while back…quietly rusting away. Hard to beat the old Schwinns for durability. Love the picture..


  5. Jennie says:

    My first bike was a pink My Fair Lady Schwinn when I was a little kid. She was a classic with her white leather banana seat.

  6. Looks like it needs a lot of work with those SOS pads.

  7. Charlotte says:

    It seems there is a real cult following for Chicago-made Schwinns. I had a beautiful example submitted to my blog by a huge aficionado of Chicago Schwinns. They can be lovely bikes!

  8. Just to take issue–not ALL Schwinns go to heaven–those bikes being made now under the brand may nominally be Schwinns, but the heavenly part is gone…

  9. Trisha says:

    Funny, I saw a gorgeous step-through Schwinn that was the female counterpart to this one parked by Pangea today and almost took a picture with my phone. Should have! Jennie, my first bike (not Pinkie) was a banana-seat Schwinn. Red and white. I think it was possibly made in the USA (though Pinkie wasn’t). And hey, I think all bikes go to heaven — even the non-Chicago-made ones.

  10. dottie says:

    Charlotte, that is a hot hot pink Schwinn! The Fair Lady style is the one I see the most, but none that look so good.

  11. tsalyards says:

    Yes, the Chicago-made Schwinns are a real treat. My dad has a couple of great Schwinn tandems that I ride whenever I get the opportunity while visiting the old homeland.

    Unfortunately the demise of Chicago-made Schwinns was brought on by their labor union, who saw to it that their compensation was equal to that of their counterparts in the auto unions. Pretty hard to sell a bike with labor that expensive.

  12. Karen says:

    This bike is actually really lovely. I can’t believe anyone would leave it behind.

  13. NormanF says:

    My first bike was a Schwinn Speedster. It was subsequently sold – I never did get the smashed fork replaced. Decades later, I acquired a Schwinn Super Sports. Its the fillet-brazed cro-moly series out of the old Chicago factory and after upgrading to a 700C wheelset and getting a taller stem, the bike now fits my 5’7″ height perfectly! My other Schwinns are a vintage Madison and a mostly repop Black Phantom cruiser.

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