Fate and a New Old Bike

Fate has intervened to bring me a blue beauty.

Bridgestone Kabuki

Bridgestone Kabuki

Iciclebicycle found a bicycle at a dumpster while recycling, took it home, and blogged about it. I read about it, wanted it, and let him know. Voila, the vintage almost-mixte Bridgestone Kabuki will soon be mine, after he fixes it up a bit and ships it my way. Then I have plans to attach bells, baskets, racks and any other cute accessories I come up with. I still plan on acquiring another bike; this Kabuki will be a loved member of my growing brood. I have a fondness for former street urchins, as my cats have the same history. You can read more about its ancestry and tangential link to Rivendell at the link.

UPDATE: Progress!

Kabuki Coming Together

Kabuki Coming Together


6 thoughts on “Fate and a New Old Bike

  1. Awesome! I was so envious of spiderlegreen when he blogged about his find! Way to go spiderlegreen! Way to go dottie! Way to go crazy Kabuki bike with awesome cool head badge!

  2. Jon Grinder says:

    Love the head badge, myself. I am glad the bike is finding its way to you.

    I added you to my blog list, over at Two Wheels, by the way.

  3. Trisha says:

    You’re going to have fun on this one! It’s so pretty.

  4. Erich says:

    I commented on the story in the link, but I’ll add for you that I hope the seatpost is not in need of adjustment or replacement – they don’t make them any more for Kabukis, and I have one sitting in my garage with a seized post that cannot be fixed.

  5. Hi Dottie,

    The Kabuki is cleaning up nicely. SOS pads have taken a lot of the surface rust off, and it’s much shinier now.

    As for the seat post. While it is an odd design, it seems to be working fine. It may be a little more work adjusting the seat, because you have to take off the seat to adjust the post height.

  6. Doohickie says:

    I saw one of those at a pawn shop for something like $10 or $15. I should have bought it, just for the heck of it; it was a beautiful machine.

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