Signs of Spring

Baby birds TK?

Baby birds TK?

Earlier this week I rode past this budding tree and its beribboned nest. We have been alternating between days that feel like spring and days that feel like winter here in Nashville, and I’m hoping this is a sign that we’ll be sticking with spring very soon. Anyone else seeing signs of a change in the weather?

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6 thoughts on “Signs of Spring

  1. Nico says:

    Most of all I have noticed that many birds have started singing – something you won’t hear in a car. :)

  2. A few days ago we had a nice thaw here in Minneapolis. You could smell the soil (sure sign of spring, which, as Nico pointed out with singing birds, you also can’t notice as well in a car). I can tell that time has passed and spring is surely almost here by the fact that the squirrels, who are venturing out more and more, are not nearly as FAT as they were a few months ago. I, on the other hand, am much fatter.

  3. dottie says:

    Beautiful picture!! The world was seeming pretty spring like last week (I even heard a couple of non-pigeon birds!) but that was only a cruel joke.

  4. Spring came, but quickly retreated.

  5. Trisha says:

    It’s getting colder here again as well, but I’m hoping not cold enough to send spring to a complete screeching halt! I’m going to Chicago today for a last blast of winter weather…

  6. susancyclist says:

    About 30 miles east of you I have crocuses (crocii?) blooming in my yard.

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