Heart-warming Story of the Day

I swear I’ve had this exact fantasy many times about my stolen bike. Here’s the brief story: Chicago girl’s bike was stolen, she posted about it on The Chainlink, someone saw a Craigslist ad and said is this it?, girl says yes!, girl takes her bike back, theif gets visit from police. Read the full thread here.

The Highlight:

Everyone! I got my bike back!!! I was trying to keep chill in case he was a biker and somehow read this thread. I’ve been on his heels since first seeing the ad on criagslist five minutes after he posted it. Meet him as 912 w. 18th place mother fucker and posed as potential buyers. As i was taking my bike for a spin around the block, I called the cops and explained the situation and I said that I needed help “RIGHT MOTHER FUCKING NOW”…cops show up, I garnish the original sales reciept, booyakaa, jen is now making love to her bike. That now has a new chain…and is super clean. Actually, I think I owe him money for a tune-up!!  And I love my biking community.

Keeping hope alive for all the stolen bikes out there.


One thought on “Heart-warming Story of the Day

  1. Tinker says:

    I love a happy ending! Um, all except for the poor but dishonest bike thief. Then I’m down with the “Vengeance is MINE” thing. Yeah!

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