Girly Bike Goodness

I bought a new helmet today – my first Nutcase. I have a serious black winter helmet and a sporty silver helmet, so I needed something in between, fun and casual. I may as well start amassing helmets as some women amass shoes.

Nutcase Helmet

Nutcase Helmet

I also snapped up my very favorite skirt-to-ride-in ever, half off during Patagonia’s big sale. (Half of my non-professional wardrobe is from Patagonia sales!) I ordered it in pink and already have it in khaki. This skirt is like a dream: never wrinkles, falls softly, does not cling to anything in an unsightly manner, has zips up each side to allow for greater mobility and less modesty, and built-in shorts underneath. Dunway Skirt.

Dunway Skirt

Dunway Skirt

Another skirt I loved to wear all the time during the summer is this one below. I have it in black and slate blue. I did not buy a third, though this one’s on sale, too. Not quite as cute and flattering, but still a nice cut. This skirt is actually longer than the first, though the pictures make it look the oppositeInter-Continental Hideaway Skirt.

Inter-Continental Skirt

Inter-Continental Skirt

Both skirts have built in shorts underneath, which makes me more comfortable riding my bike in them! They also don’t tend to blow up in the wind.

Shorts in a Skirt - but not skorts!  That's so 90's.

Shorts in a Skirt - but not skorts! That's so 90's.

Throw on one of these camis with built in shelf bra (love!) and I’m set for the day. I can’t wait for the spring and summer!



The best girly goodness shot of the day – I realized that the Rivendell Betty Foy has tiny little red APPLES painted on the frame!

Down Tube Apples

Down Tube Apples

And HEART cut-outs on the lugs!

Lug Love

Lug Love

I may not be able to resist this perfect, perfect bike. I can see it all now – warm summer day riding Betty Foy in skirt and tank with happy pink helmet.

Anyone else have spring fever?

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12 thoughts on “Girly Bike Goodness

  1. Uh … yeah, I most certainly do.

  2. Elisa says:

    Spring Fever is in full force in my life right now!

  3. Wow, that is an awesome lug. I think it’s calling out to you…

  4. MelissaHopeS says:

    I voted for the Betty Foy, just cause it has an awesome name! And the apples and hearts, more love for it!

  5. Trisha says:

    I’m feeling the spring fever, too. Such a beautiful day today. As for Betty, like the apples but not much for hearts…still rooting for vintage. Either way your new bike is out there! Maybe we will find it next weekend. I’m looking forward to a relaxing few days of being chauffeured around Chicago on your rear rack. ;)

  6. Anne says:

    Love the helmet! Way to go for the pink. Tim got me a brown and pink Nutcase for my bday..I love it and get lots of compliments. Good luck on your bike search.

  7. owlvin says:

    i got my wife the blackdana nutcase. it’s pattern is a…black bandana. it’s still too cold here in boulder, co for her to ride. (but not for me)

  8. jhaygood says:

    Thanks for the tips – passed them on to my wife!

  9. metinperu says:

    I have the Rivendell’s other mixte frame, the Glorius, and I absolutely adore it. It has the hearts in the lugs, too. I would highly highly recommend them as a manufacturer of bikes. I think the apples on the name would have pushed me over the edge to the must have this bike category if I didn’t already have one! Good luck with your search.

  10. Sarah says:

    I love the skirts, and especially the built-in shorts! How perfect for biking in! I also have serious spring fever, I can’t wait to see some green again and for the weather to be warm all the time. (The weather is temperamental here in Boulder, CO so we also have warm days even in winter, but you can’t count on it).

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