Fenders Are Your Friend

Fenders are your friend – don’t be the guy or girl with a brown stripe up your backside! That’s exactly what will happen if you ride in the rain or slush with nothing between you and your tires. Fenders are essential for those who want to ride in all weather conditions and keep themselves clean and dry. My oma has huge fenders and mudflaps that keep all dirt, grime, slush, and other city road nastiness off of me. I wear this cream colored coat a lot while riding and it is totally clean. I’d probably get it dirtier sitting on the el train (I have a fear of one day sitting in a pee-soaked seat – ick).

Clean Coat

Clean Coat

Riding your bike doesn’t have to mean getting messy if you’re prepared. My bikes came with fenders, but most in the States don’t. Planet Bike has some great ones that my husband added to his bike (and hopefully Trisha’s Pinkie will have soon have her own pink pair). There are some that snap on and off easily, but don’t offer full protection. I recommend the full fenders with mud flaps, which will keep your shoes clean and reduce spray for the benefit of any cyclists riding behind you.

Happy (rain/snow) riding!

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6 thoughts on “Fenders Are Your Friend

  1. jhaygood says:

    Rode in to work today totally unprepared for rain. Well, it’s raining. My ride home (after working late) was a wet one, completely soaked. I have no fenders so water was flying everywhere. I could see the water spraying up off my front tire in my headlight, and the rear tire showering my messenger-bagged back. There weren’t any cars out to speak of, so any danger would have been entirely self-inflicted.

    Still, I was happy to be out there, self-powered, in the elements. Pretty much the high-point of my day!

  2. Johnny says:

    H3lls yeah:) My PB Cascadia’s have such good coverage that they make my wheels dirty. I get a lot of compliments on them, too.

  3. Val says:

    Fenders are your bike’s freind, too. They keep the vast majority of the grime out of the drive train (not a concern for you lucky types with a fully enclosed chain, but very important for the rest of us) and off the frame. Bikes without fenders are only partly useful – if you can’t ride when it’s not sunny, it’s hard to get anywhere.

  4. Trisha says:

    Yay for fenders! I can’t wait to have some. :)

  5. Carolyn says:

    Yeh! I just invested in a new hybrid bike, and today, even though it is still winter outside, I took it to the shop I bought it so that they can put some fenders and a rack on her. I think the fenders I’m getting are the Planet Bike ones as they look the same and have the mud flaps on them. :)

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