Crunchy Ice on Vimeo

Enjoy my first attempt at a video. Nothing too terribly exciting. This is the Oak Street Beach curve, only about 50 yards of these conditions, then smooth sailing. My commute is not always so dramatic. Turn up the volume to experience the sounds of Chicago winter bike commuting.

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6 thoughts on “Crunchy Ice on Vimeo

  1. jhaygood says:

    Mmm… crunchy…

    That’s not a commute, that’s an expedition!

  2. Trisha says:

    That’s so cool! Also love the pics on the last entry. Can’t wait to come up there and see real winter for myself. ;)

  3. the village scribe says:

    Ha ha ha. That was freakin’ great. Hey, at least there were other bike tire tracks in view. This reminds me of my last outing. The cold was a non-issue. Navigating my way (slowly!) through Father Winter’s wake of nastiness all over the road, however, was absolute madness.

  4. Tinker says:

    Need a Zamboni!

  5. E A says:

    Did you actually pedal through that crunchy mess? I avoid the LFP because I don’t do ice. If that were my video, you’d see it sideways as I fall over. :-) Got any studded tires for that icy gunk? Luckily it’s since warmed up and most of that should be melted — perfect for the fresh snow fall expected overnight tonight!

  6. msdottie says:

    E, I have studded tires but walked over this junk! Way too bumpy. Oak Street is clear today; I’m not happy about the 6 inches of snow predicted to start any minute now!

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