Cold Sun

Sunrise over Lake Michigan

Sunrise over Lake Michigan

Sunday’s warmer weather was a fluke and the temperatures are back in the single digits (as in, 0). The bitter cold has been accompanied by a glorious sun, though, so I forgive nature.

Snow, Lake Michigan, Clouds, Sky

Bottom to Top: Snow, Lake Michigan, Clouds, Sky

The clouds were oddly placed this morning, laying low on the lake and letting the blue sky take over.



Around the Oak Street Beach curve (Chicagoans know what I’m talking about) the icebergs continue. The waves must have been crashing up last night because they’re now frozen. These conditions last only for 50 yards or so. A guy walked by me here and said, wow, way to go. He asked if he could take my picture, which I was cool with (maybe I’ll end up on his blog or something :)). I know I am quite an oddity in the cold on my bike and this morning I had a huge package (dry cleaning) on my back rack, adding to the novelty factor.

Sunrise over Lake Michigan, a little further down

Sunrise over Lake Michigan, a little further down

I love how the sun/sky/lake color changed in the ten or so minutes it took me to get from the first picture to this picture.

I felt very lucky to live in Chicago and use the lakefront trail for commuting this morning!

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3 thoughts on “Cold Sun

  1. MelissaHopeS says:

    You should feel lucky! It looks beautiful. My commute consists of the bumper in front of me.

  2. spiderleggreen says:

    Chilly pics. I can feel the crispy air. Does the ice push up on shore, or does it go out into the lake? Just curious, because on Lake Superior it pushes up in huge piles and can freeze over.

    A warm up is on the way.

  3. msdottie says:

    The ice pushes up on the shore! At the icebergy section, sometimes there are really big waves that come on the path, hit the wall, are thrown back out to the lake, over and over, until It all freezes eventually.

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