Cycling to Chinatown

Chinese New Year Parade

Chinese New Year Parade

Sunday was a rare warmer day in Chicago, with temperatures in the mid to high 30’s. We took advantage of the weather by cycling to Chinatown to meet friends for lunch and watch the Chinese New Year parade. (Nothing like riding a 50 pound bike 20 miles to burn off a big lunch.) What a nice feeling! I wore a light jacket and only one pair of gloves. There was life back on the lakeshore trail, including plenty of unleashed dogs running into my path. All these fair-weather people should try poking their heads out the other 180 days of winter. It’s really not so bad.


Lake Michigan on a Warm Winter Day

Lake Michigan on a Warm Winter Day

These pictures make it look like the Arctic, but I swear, it was warm out!

Seriously, it felt like springtime

Seriously, it felt like springtime

On the path I went sans helmet and then on the way home I didn’t stop to put it back on before getting off the path. My first time riding in Chicago on the streets without one. It was only 1.5 miles on one-way side streets. I noticed a big difference in drivers seeming more patient while behind me. In my alley, a van coming the other direction stopped for me and the driver smiled and waved me by – that has never happened before. My husband said it’s because I’m a woman, but I’m always a woman, noticeably, and drivers usually don’t have a problem skimming by me and being jerks in general. Too bad it’s the people who never see me who pose the greatest risk, so I’ll keep on wearing my helmet most of the time.



Here’s another dragon picture for the fun of it.

Happy February! Enjoy the six extra weeks of winter!

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3 thoughts on “Cycling to Chinatown

  1. Trisha says:

    This looks fun! I didn’t notice people being any nicer on my sans helmet ride, but usually people in my neighborhood are pretty considerate anyway. It was nice to feel the wind in my hair (it was 60 here on Sunday!).

  2. this looks very cool! i know all about working off a good lunch by bike and i am off to china town on my bike on friday here n london. I’ll be sure to add some photos of my blog…

    happy trails

  3. tsalyards says:

    Interesting observation about not wearing a helmet and noticing better behavior from drivers. My guess is that you and your husband are both right to a degree. Not wearing a helmet evoked the “cycle chic effect” and people cut you some slack because you don’t look like a typical biker, but something out of a European painting. Who wants to run over something as charming as a painting? The helmet just destroys the aesthetic benefits of an Oma :)

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