Shared Lanes, Buses, and Creepy Trees

Chicago Marked Shared Lane

Chicago Marked Shared Lane

This is a random picture from my ride home, an example of a “marked shared lane” in Chicago. They put these where the road is pretty wide, but not wide enough for an actual bike lane. This sharrow is from Lincoln Avenue, which is a long diagonal street that cuts northwest from downtown. This avenue alternates between sharrows and bike lanes. The sharrows make me feel a little better and make it clear to cars that I belong. They certainly helped me feel more comfortable when I was starting out riding in traffic, an important factor for getting more people on bikes.

Uncooperative Bus

Uncooperative Bus

I took a picture of this bus with the intention of saying that cyclists should stay behind a bus at a stop light. When the light turns green, the bus will be ready to go and you don’t want to play leapfrog with a CTA driver. (This advice would not apply if you’re super fast and cooler than I, but for most people puttering around the city, it’s a good general rule.) However, as soon as I took this picture, the light turned green and the bus didn’t move and I realized that it was sitting there completely empty. So I went around it. Damn bus.

I also came upon a scene of police cars, a fire truck and fire(wo)men on a ladder outside a smoking old building. I decided it would by tacky to take a picture, so nothing to share there. I enjoyed my ride home on the city streets tonight because it was later, around 8:30, after dinner downtown. The streets are relatively quiet at this time, laid back.

This is a random picture from my ride to work in the morning. I love this odd tree. Very Tim Burtonesque. Spindly. And that’s the sunrise over Lake Michigan in the background, not just the sky.

Tim Burtonesque Tree

Tim Burtonesque Tree

There’s more of them! They’re multiplying! They’re coming after me! (Hey, I need to entertain myself somehow, without NPR on my commute.)

They're following me!!

They're following me!!

Everything seemed extra sharp this morning, not one bit of fog. Noticing little distinctions like foggy versus clear is a benefit of riding a bike; otherwise, I would have said that there was no difference between the weather on Friday and Monday (both really effing cold).

Glassy Skyline

Glassy Skyline

I particularly like the reflection of the buildings in the icy lake.  I’m going to try to be positive about the start of the new week and not whine to myself about work (even though I worked all weekend).  At least I can be positive about my commute!

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4 thoughts on “Shared Lanes, Buses, and Creepy Trees

  1. Trisha says:

    That skyline picture is amazing! I should start going to work at dawn. Or not. ;)

  2. Elisa says:

    I am so jealous of the snowy goodness you get to see. I get brown and dead lawns…
    occasionally punctuated by some wonderfully fragrant plant that I can’t identify.
    but mostly brown.

  3. […] to these drivers that we DO belong in the road, even if just a strip. But we can do better. Perhaps sharrows is a good […]

  4. […] to these drivers that we DO belong in the road, even if just a strip. But we can do better. Perhaps sharrows is a good […]

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