A Week of Cycling

Lakefront Trail Plowed

Lakefront Trail Plowed

In response to my question whether decisions not to ride were supported by reasons or excuses, the Village Scribe said that the answer lies in what you do the next day and the day after that and so on. I like that! This week I biked to work all 5 days, plus a 6th day to the theatre. So missing a week of riding due to extreme cold and traveling out of town for work does not make me any less of a “cyclist,” whatever that means. Cylicing is always my first choice when circumstances permit. That’s enough for me.

View from the Chicago River Bridge

View from the Chicago River Bridge

Thursday and Friday were a bit warmer, up to 30 degrees, though still in the teens during my morning and evening commutes. I was able to get by with a long-sleeved wool shirt and a windbreaker. Anything more and I would have been sweating.



On Friday I noticed that this disgusting pollution built up where thousands of cars swoosh by next to Lake Shore Drive. Yuck. Compare to the first picture and see how there’s no nasty soot left on the snow next to the Lake Shore BIKE Drive.

Winter Geese

Winter Geese

A little while later I came upon these geese. Do they still go in Lake Michigan? Hardcore!

Tennis Court in Grant Park

Tennis Court in Grant Park

Another out-of-place scene, public tennis courts in Grant Park. I feel sorry for those who enjoy playing tennis and can’t afford to go to a fancy club. No winter tennis, I guess.

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One thought on “A Week of Cycling

  1. editrish says:

    I biked all week, too, and again today to the bike shop. It does feel good. No pretty snow pics here, though.

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