Dahon, Day Two

This morning was one of those mornings. I woke up late, and it got worse from there. I could go on about my United customer service call woes, or my lost credit card, or the fact that I spent 30 minutes looking for the gloves that I wore home yesterday night, but I’ll spare you. All you need to know is that I left the house almost an hour after I’d planned to wearing  socks on my hands. At least I didn’t have to wait for my car to warm up.

At least they matched?

At least they matched?

My commute put me in a much better mood, though. It was a beautiful, if cold, day, and the ride was pleasant and uneventful — no doors to dodge or other complications. Well, except for my encounter with two trucks unloading in the bike lane. Despite being in a rush to get to work, I was indignant enough to stop to take a picture.

Bike lane as loading zone

Bike lane as loading zone

Of course, it was after 9 a.m. and the worst of the traffic had subsided. Maybe this was my lucky morning after all?

I’ve decided that the handling issues with the Dahon mostly come from not being used to it — I was far less wobbly today. But it is definitely a rougher ride than a full-sized bike. Perhaps it’s the smaller tires, or the pressure they need to be at, but running over a large pebble can throw you off balance. I found myself bracing against the pedals if I had to go over any slightly irregular patch in the pavement.

And strangely enough, despite the lighter weight, my commute is no faster on the Dahon. Perhaps I am just a slow cyclist in general? Or the small tires make up for the advantage you would otherwise get on a lighter bike? No telling, but it made me feel better about buying another heavy(ish) bike. Everyone who knows me is probably stunned that it took me so long to mention that today, I bought a Batavus!

bat_ent_lady_bluI found one at an amazing price through a really wonderful Dutch bike shop in the UK, Littlehampton Dutch Bike Shop. They can’t ship to the states, so I’m going to pick it up when I go over there in April. It will be a long wait but it should be worth it! This is my first new bike in 18 years and the thought of having an actual commuter bike is very exciting. As you can tell by looking at my current bike, I don’t believe you have to have anything special to start riding and love it — but now that I know it’s something I’ll be doing for some time, it’s nice to find a bike I can ride every day for another 18 years.

But back to the Dahon: as requested, I have some pictures of me actually on the bike, courtesy of my generous coworker Alice.

On the Dahon

On the Dahon

As you can see, my wallet and a book are strapped to the back. I am in love with that rack and the built-in bungee that comes with it!


Despite its small size, I don’t feel like I look completely ridiculous on this bike, but feel free to voice your own opinion in the comments. :) I did encounter a valet at happy hour this evening who thought the bike was a trick bike! (P, don’t worry, I didn’t let him park the bike, and I did not risk getting a BWI — one of the perks of your bike is that it is very easy for someone to give you a ride home!)

My ride to happy hour was very pleasant,  not too much traffic (though a couple of the roads weren’t ones I see bikes on often, if ever). The valet couldn’t believe I’d ridden all the way from the Village, two whole miles! But it wasn’t long ago that I would have said the same thing.


Vanderbilt campus -- this is the most bikes I've seen in one place in town!

Crossing West End Ave.

Crossing West End Ave.

The light is beautiful at this time of day. Or is it that everything looks better when you’re on a bike?

Nashville at dusk, from Church St.

Nashville at dusk, from Church St.

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9 thoughts on “Dahon, Day Two

  1. msdottie says:

    Socks on the hands! That’s so cute. I’ve actually considered putting socks over my gloves on particularly cold days, but I was worried that I would not be able to pull my brake levers.

    The Batavus is beautiful! The rack with a bungee strap is very useful, as you’re finding, anything can be stuffed back there. You are so chic on the Dahon! I love those boots, skirt, coat, everything. Is that a Bern helmet? You’re right – the Dahon does not look completely ridiculous. But I take it you’ll be done with the Dahon after this test week?

    Everything does look better on a bike! :)

  2. Ashley says:

    Oh, that is nice light. That looks like so much fun, Trish! I’m jealous. Maybe someday when my baby can ride the bus to school, although I don’t really want to think about him being that old! ;)

  3. Jason Runyan says:

    You look kind of ridiculous Trish.

  4. editrish says:

    Thanks guys. Jason, I am disregarding your opinion until I see a picture of you on a bike…are you saying you look cooler than me?!?

    After this week, the Dahon goes back to her owner. It’s been fun though! It’s growing on me. I feel like all I’ve done is complain about it, so tomorrow’s post will outline the positives.

  5. Jason Runyan says:

    Everyone looks ridiculous on a bike. But those that ride folding bikes look triply ridiculous.

  6. Jennie says:

    It does look like a trick bike with you on it! But could you imagine a person of a larger frame riding around town – they would probably look a little ridic ;) Anyway – cool pictures and again – CONGRATS on the new bike! I know you are super stoked!

  7. Allison says:

    Yes, I don’t think it looks too odd…what if Weston was on there? That would be funny! Anyway, you look so cute for riding a bike around town! And, I love that you bike to happy hour. You are hard core T!

  8. Elisa M says:

    I wore socks with the heels and toe cut out as gloves for the first month I rode! And you look adorable. I love the boots and skirt (I think it was a skirt…hard to tell!).
    CONGRATS on the new bike…so beautiful!! I am so very, very J.

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