Hitting the road

Even though I didn’t ride my bike, the past few days were full of bike-related activities. I met Elisa and Anna of Bike Skirt for coffee in Birmingham, and we hatched a plot to ride the Chief Ladiga/Silver Comet trail with them sometime this spring. Can’t wait!  I am very close to finalizing my plans to buy a brand new bike, a Batavus Entrada Spirit, when I go to England in April. My friend Jennie generously gave me her old bike rack, so I can transport Pinkie without having to take down the top on my convertible. And I filled up the tires on the Dahon and practiced folding it to get ready for the first day of my commuting pledge week.

Weather report

Weather report

This will be my coldest ride yet. I am trying to think of it as an adventure and remember Dottie biking to work under much chillier conditions. :)

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5 thoughts on “Hitting the road

  1. xiousgeonz says:

    Go Go Go!!!

    It was 9 for me this a.m. but compared to Friday’s 11 below… yes, it’s sad… 9 degrees felt like a luxury. I could actually leave parts of my face exposed… down to four layers from five… so riding now will make later so much more fun!

    Yea, I’ know, “It’ll feel so much better when it stops” doesn’t sound like a good reason to do things, but there are lots of good reasons to ride your bike.

  2. Allison says:

    So, how’d it go today?!?! And, I’m all about the spirit bike…do it TRISHA!!!

  3. msdottie says:

    I’m so happy for you and your Batavus!!! You totally deserve it, riding that Schwinn with all those Nashville hills!

    Also excited about the Alabama – Atlanta ride. We’re going to wear skirts the whole way, right? :)

  4. editrish says:

    Ali & Dot, thanks for the encouragement! I am calling tomorrow about my Batavus…we shall see. And Dot, we are totally wearing skirts the whole way.

    Xious, your reasoning makes sense to me! Of course there are many positive reasons to ride, too, but early in the morning when it’s cold, sometimes the negative ones have to do until you get on and remind yourself about the good ones.

  5. Jason Runyan says:

    did you survive? it is 25 degrees here in gainevsville. i am thinking about skipping school instead of riding my bike.

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