Cycling to Shakespeare

Shakespeare Theatre and Navy Pier

Shakespeare Theatre and Navy Pier

On Saturday my husband and I rode our bikes downtown to the Chicago Shakespeare Theatre at Navy Pier. With the temperature at a relatively balmy 18 degrees, the 13 mile round-trip was quite nice. We saw Macbeth, a stunningly modern and sexy production (In high school I won a Shakespeare recitation contest with a Lady Macbeth monologue – the difference here is that when I said, “Come to my woman’s breasts and take this milk for gall,” I did not get on my knees and take my top off).

Biking downtown to see a play, ballet, opera, or concert makes all sort of sense.

With our bikes, we got free parking right outside the door. So much better than the alternative, paying $23 to park a car in the garage.

VIP Parking

VIP Parking

While we were inside, it started snowing again and continued to snow for the entire ride home – big, happy, fluffy flakes. We stopped in a small neighborhood Italian place for dinner, to refuel on red wine and pasta. The excitement there happened when a guy walked in alone, obviously drunk, and yelled, “Drinks for everyone! Drinks on the house!” Then the old guy who owns the place starting yelling at him, “Leave right now; get out; there’s an Irish bar across the street!” Good times.

Attempted Helmet Chic

Attempted Helmet Chic

In an attempt to think through the helmet situation (to wear or not to wear), instead of wearing one automatically, I only wore my helmet for the one mile trip through side streets each way. During most of the trip we were on the lake front bike path, so I swapped the helmet for a knit hat.

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4 thoughts on “Cycling to Shakespeare

  1. jhaygood says:

    My wife and I went on a bike date the other night too. Loved the looks from the car crowd at the valet!

    Bike date

    I was in chicago recently and definitely admire your city’s hearty cyclists. I took this shot from the W hotel, right there by the Navy Pier:

    Hearty commuters on the bike path

    Kepp it up!

  2. meligrosa says:

    what a lovely evening! not to mention the VIP bike spot!!
    cute shots, my favorite is the last one ;)

  3. msdottie says:

    jhaygood, very cute picture of you and your wife. Also, I saw that Chicago picture on bike commuters – awesome! The city never plows that one half mile section of the Lakefront Trail, so I usually (like tonight) detour onto city streets for that section and then get back on the path afterward.

  4. […] Night. This is probably my favorite way to spend a Saturday. I do it quite often (see here and here). (This is amazing theater and younger folks in Chicago should know that they can get tickets for […]

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