Amtrak and More Snow



Yesterday I had to go to Milwaukee for work, so I took the Amtrak train.  These trains are pretty fast and comfortable.  I usually listen to my iPod and stare out the window, although I could use this time more productively to work or read a book.  Compared to driving the highway, with the accompanying awful traffic, construction, and hazardous weather, the train is infinitely superior. 

The weather is still extreme here in Chicago.  There was a blizzard advisory last night and now a winter weather warning, or something. 

Endless Snow

Endless Snow

I saw only two cyclists yesterday, bless their hearts!  One was a typical commuter-type with helmet and maybe studded tires.  The other was an older man on a cruiser with a milk crate strapped to the back rack, no helmet and no lights.  He was going slowly and the cars had no problem seeing him under the streetlights, but I was still a little worried watching him.  He was totally self-assured, though, so good for him.

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2 thoughts on “Amtrak and More Snow

  1. grambev says:

    Nice snow photos!

  2. Charlotte says:

    I took the Amtrak last weekend and was just amazed at how nice it is. I’ll be traveling by train again soon (and bringing my bike next time!)

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