Biking to Brunch

Today I had plans to meet a friend for brunch at 10. If it’s anywhere near 40, I said to myself, it’s the bike. The verdict from trusty iGoogle:

Today's weather

Hmm. I had my built-in excuse handy — no need to bike three miles in below-freezing temperatures. Instead, despite being late, I somehow found myself doing this:

Complete outfit, minus coat and gloves

Complete outfit, minus coat and gloves

I told myself that, sure, it was cold now, but with a high of 40 on the horizon,  by the time I finished brunch and put in two hours at the office, it would be warm for my ride home (this theory turned out to be totally false). And after all, I’d ridden when it was this cold before, and that was usually in the dark.

So I set off.

Funny, but I didn’t realize how many brunch places were between my house and Noshville on Broadway until I was riding past them, shivering (my fault since I had thrown on my lightest jacket, thinking of that warm ride home that never happened). Why did we choose Noshville again? One woman I passed warned me to stay warm. “It’s trying to snow!” Wishful thinking, I thought, but I did see what looked like a couple of miniscule flakes fall after that.

The Vanderbilt campus is pretty hilly. For once I didn’t mind exerting myself.

Heading towards Vandy, or, it's all uphill from here.

Heading towards Vandy, or, it's all uphill from here.

The restaurant turned out to be further away than I’d thought (seems to be the case when you take the bike/car speed difference into account, something I never ever remember to do), but I finally made it. Corned beef hash and a bagel never tasted so good…


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9 thoughts on “Biking to Brunch

  1. msdottie says:

    That first picture is fabulous! I love love love it! You should consider putting it in the blog logo.

    I am so glad that Chicago has no hills. I hope you had a slightly-odd-tasting pickle from the pickle bowl in my honor.

  2. Jennie says:

    I am loving all of the pictures Trish! And it got way cold here in b’ham yesterday too. It dropped 20 degrees in about 3 hours! Yikes!

  3. Heather says:

    What dedication you’ve got! I love the blog :)

  4. Gordon Inkeles says:

    “That first picture is fabulous! I love love love it! You should consider putting it in the blog logo.”

    I second the motion!

    BTW Have you considered a Dutch cycling holiday? You would fit in beautifully.

    • editrish says:

      That would be an amazing vacation. We’re currently trying to figure out how to work a little bit of cycling into our planned trip to the UK and Russia, but a Dutch cycling holiday is definitely on our to-do list. Have you taken a trip like that yourself?

  5. rae says:

    I’m in awe of the hard core biking. Snow? Lace tights in the 40’s? You guys are awesome.
    In other bike related news, Evie just learned to brake. She starts at the top of the (inclined) driveway and waits until she’s 3 feet from the garage entrance to slam her feet down. She’s quite proud of her skidding! I ‘m just hoping the helmet will do what it’s supposed to when the inevitable happens.

  6. Gordon Inkeles says:

    I did a month’s cycling/art holiday in Holland in the Fall of ’07 and documented much of it on The Social Biking Blog.

    10,000 miles of dedicated bike paths + The Girl with Pearl Earrings–you really can’t go wrong over there. I dislike organized activities especially when it comes to biking. A scheduled holiday makes me feel like I’m on somebody’s palm pilot all day. So it was a real pleasure just to drift around the country for a month on my bike. And by the way, bikes fly free both ways if you simply pack a bike case and take it as one of your 2 free bags.

  7. April says:

    Hello! I found your blog via …dang. I don’t remember. I followed one link and then another…

    Anyway! I live in Portland and I don’t have a car and almost never take the bus–it’s just the bike. But…I live in Portland. So it’s easy.

    I bike to brunch almost every Sunday, and yes, you really feel like you’ve earned it. I have a pretty short ride–maybe a mile or two–to where my friends and I meet up, but it’s uphill from here, and I’m usually barely awake and I haven’t eaten or had coffee. Breakfast always tastes better when you had to work to get to it!

  8. msdottie says:

    Hi April, thanks for stopping by! I hear (and see, via BikePortland) so many wonderful bikey things about Portland. At least Chicago has no hills, my consolation prize. I agree that breakfast tastes better after working for it, particularly because I can eat anything I want without guilt :)

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