Almost Famous (but not really)

Here’s a short article from Crain’s Chicago Business magazine, “Fair-weather bikers gone, but stalwarts plod on.”

Yours truly is quoted. Does this mean I’m a stalwart? Who plods on? Cool! If you commute by bicycle, you too could be a plodding stalwart.

The article also quotes the founder of The Chainlink, a fabulous website for Chicago cyclists. Anyone who rides a bike or is thinking of riding a bike in Chicago should check it out.

ETA:  I must share my mom’s email response from North Carolina to this article:

Wow Dottie,

You really are brave – braving the frigid cold, snow, and ice.
Be careful talking to strangers, even if they do have a microphone.


Aw, thanks mom!  Don’t worry, I talked to the reporter on the phone after checking her credentials (otherwise known as googling her).  I’ve survived in the big city this long…  :)

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One thought on “Almost Famous (but not really)

  1. editrish says:

    You’re totally a stalwart! Have you read any of your blog entries lately? ;)

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