If A Skier Goes By On Your Commute…

…you might be riding your bike in Chicago. I only wish I had thought to take a picture!

Snow has returned after a one-week hiatus and is making my daily rides a bit more interesting. My new Schwalbe Winter studded tires are working overtime keeping me upright, which I greatly appreciate, and my snowman companion is having a blast. (He totally forgives me for accidentally ripping off his left arm. Really.)



To my pleasant surprise, the lake front path was already plowed this morning – thanks Chicago Parks Department! The path was still covered with a light layer of snow, but nothing that I had to slog through. (I’ve ridden to work when the path was not cleared at all after a heavy snow – a mere two hours later I completed my seven mile journey to work.)


Unfortunately, some areas on the path are too treacherous for the plow trucks to go through. That’s a whole other topic for another day. I don’t mind getting off to walk here and there, a little bit of cross training. As long as no one makes me carry my Oma while swimming in Lake Michigan, I’ll be fine.


I was having a very fine time, actually, singing out loud Walkin’ In A Winter Wonderland – the Dolly Parton version, which has the same lyrics but with a heavy country twang.


There were not many other cyclists today, but I prefer to think of myself out there like this tree below – alone but not lonely.

alone tree

Now after over two hours of outdoor exercise (yes, it took me that long to get to and fro, but not much longer than public transit), I can relax on the couch and enjoy my Baileys Irish Cream and chocolate chip cookies. Cheers.

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One thought on “If A Skier Goes By On Your Commute…

  1. editrish says:

    Watch out for that snowman. He’s just waiting for his chance to get you back…

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