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Join us in Nashville for a Tweed Ride

Tweed Ride invite

It’s been way too long since our last Nashville Tweed Ride. Time for a rematch! Will I wear the exact same outfit as I did three years ago? Will we have equally unseasonable warm weather? Will the 15 people who RSVP’d “yes” on the Nashville Slow Ride page actually show up? I can hardly wait to find out.

Tweed Ride invite

Please join us! Route details can be found on the meetup page above or on the Facebook event page.

Chicago’s Tweed Ride


A fun and friendly group gathered for Chicago’s Tweed Ride on Saturday.  After an unexpected thunderstorm, the weather was sunny and exceptionally warm for November.

After the second pub stop, I broke off the ride with a group of girlfriends for dinner at Bangers and Lace.  I love that going on a Tweed Ride naturally means hanging out with so many of my friends.  Good times.

I know Des Moines had a Tweed Ride on Saturday (looking forward to the pictures!).  Anyone else?

Bonfire Tweed Ride – This Saturday

Screen shot 2012-11-05 at 11.49.15 PM

This Saturday is the 4th Annual Bonfire Tweed Ride in Chicago, starting at Four Moon Tavern at 1 p.m.  I haven’t made it to a tweed ride in a couple of years, so I’m looking forward to this one.


{beautiful Scottish tweed from Brora: outfit 1outfit 2}

If you’re in Chicago, come on out!  Not sure what a tweed ride outfit would be?  Check out this Tweed Time fashion inspiration.  Trisha’s last Fashion Friday outfit would work well, too!

More info on the ride here.

Anyone else tweed riding this fall?

Tweed Ride!

Yesterday I rode with Chicago’s second Tweed Ride. I can’t resist calling it a jolly good time. It felt kinda like a reunion of the first Tweed Riders, along with many new faces. Lots of style and bicycle eye candy. Due to my packed schedule, I was able to stay only long enough to drink a half liter of Oktoberfest, take pictures, and ride a bit. Enjoy the results!

9-12 pub

9-12 dot tweed front


Tweed Ride and More British Fun

Mark your calendars for Chicago’s Winston Tweed Ride this Saturday, September 12. Everyone should come! I didn’t know anyone on the first Tweed Ride, but I still had a blast. The kind of people who dress up in tweed and ride to bars on bicycles are bound to be friendly.

Leaving from The Globe Pub @1pm, we’ll make our way at a genteel, civilizing pace to the 89th Annual German-American Festival in Lincoln Square. And of course we’ll be stopping in some damn fine bars representing British allies during that unpleasantness in the 30s & 40s!

In celebration of the British, here are some images from Trisha’s and my trip to London in April. Previously, we posted on London cycle chic, cycling infrastructure and tea time.



Smurfette's New Home & More Tweed Ride

Melissa first met Smurfette, my late ’70′s Bridgestone Kabuki, last month on a rainy thrift store adventure. They got along really well and I decided that it was meant to be. I bought Smurfette on a whim, but had to face the fact that she is too small for me. Melissa bought a Wal-Mart bike last year, but it soon broke down. Now Melissa and Smurfette will be free to explore the roads and paths of suburban Aurora, IL together. Melissa is proving to be a natural city cyclist. We rode five miles to Union Station downtown, and then Melissa took the Metra train back to Aurora with her new old bike.

Saying Goodbye at Union Station

Saying Goodbye at Union Station

In her own words:


Chicago's Tweed Ride (and My Crash)

On Saturday, the inaugural Chicago Tweed Ride took place. London and San Francisco have held such rides recently, and it’s fun to see how the different cities interpret the ride. Chicago’s a good city to carry on the tweedy fun. The ride toured Chicago’s speakeasies, stopping at a couple for food and drinks, which were needed as the ride started at 1 and ended at 7. I enjoyed riding with so many others who appreciate slow bikes and style. I did not know a soul, and had a good time meeting everyone. Without further ado, I present Chicago’s tweedy goodness.


5-3-light 5-3-plaid