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Bike Love at the Flea Market

I recently went with my mom to the flea market here in Nashville.

In an attempt to save money, I satisfied my urge to buy by taking pictures instead. It must have worked, because I somehow left the fairgrounds with only 3 vintage postcards. A couple of these finds were bike-related.


The Tip-Top Weekly highlights a daring tale of bicycle bravery


Russia: Weird and Wonderful


One of the best things about traveling is seeing how the place you’re visiting is different from your home. I’ve traveled widely in Europe and Russia was probably the most different place I’ve been yet. To sum it up in one sentence: Russia is not for wimps.

There didn’t seem to be many rules there at all, and many of the public health things we now take for granted—safe and stable stairways, pedestrian crossings, lanes on the interstates, no holes in sidewalks smoking bans—do not exist. Not even medicines cater to the weak—check out the non-coated tablets.

Sensitive stomach? Too bad!

Sensitive stomach? Too bad!

You all probably know by now that I really enjoy taking pictures of oddball things. Here are a few more images from weird and wonderful Russia: