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Joy Ride

Mr. Dottie and I did not leave town for this American holiday weekend, but the city can be beautiful and relaxing if approached with a fresh eye.  When we woke up early Saturday to a bright, clear and crisp 51 degree morning, we headed straight for our bikes.  A leisurely ride along the lakefront and through a butterfly sanctuary was the perfect start to the weekend.

This was a true joy ride.  The weather was perfect and I was excited to don tights for the first time of the season. Goodbye, Summer! I’ll miss you in December, but for now I’m ready for autumn.

How are you spending the holiday?

Bike, Sun, Beauty, Happiness!

Forget winter – today was the best day of the season with clear blue skies, a bright sun and warm breezes.   I did not even mind working on a Saturday since my commute was such a joy.  Otherwise, I would have slept in and missed the morning after a fun late night out with the lovely Ms. Elle of Dancing Gypsies.

This is what I call a perfect commute.

11-7 sun and betty

The Sun and Betty


Cycling Chicago’s North Lakefront Trail

Chicago’s gem is not the Sears Tower and other skyscrapers or the Magnificent Mile and high-end shopping. Rather, it’s the beauty of nature carefully curated by city planners – the Lakefront Trail that runs along Lake Michigan from the north to the south of the city, with downtown in the middle.

Betty and Chicago's Skyline

Betty and Chicago's Skyline