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Moi Je Joue

This French commercial is more Trisha’s area, but with Sophia Coppola directing, a song by Bridgette Bardot and bicycling chic – je t’aime!

And now I want to buy Miss Dior Cherie. B-a-a-a-a-a-a.

On the same topic of style and cycling, I continue to collect lovely bicycle pictures that I find on my favorite style and design blogs. I get special joy from finding bicycles on non-bicycle-related blogs.  We’re going mainstream, baby.  My first collection can be seen here. Below is what I’ve gathered since then. Enjoy!

Once Wed via English Muse
Once Wed via English Muse


A Bike Ride in the Blazing Sun

The sun was blazing today with temperatures near 90 degrees. Although I grew up in North Carolina and should be used to it, I absolutely hate extremely hot weather.  I’d much rather cycle in the snowy sun.  Despite the heat, I couldn’t sit around all day, so I put on my breeziest summer dress and set out on Oma.  This picture captures how hot the sun was, apparently burning through my clothes.

Blazing Sun

Blazing Sun


Nashville Cycle Chic

I’m excited to have a Friday cycle chic post this week. I caught a far-off glimpse of  the rider of the Electra Amsterdam in action on a drizzly day last week, looking professional in city shorts, a teal blouse and sleek updo.


Maybe one day I’ll be close enough to say hi instead of just taking pictures like a creepy stalker. (Frequent cycle chic posters, I’d love to know how you overcome this feeling while taking random pictures of someone to post on the internet . . .)

The Essence of Stylish Cycling on Film

Miss Sarah of Girls and Bicycles created a video of her cycling through Edmonton on her Pashley Princess. Watching it was a delight and now I can’t get the song out of my head :) This is a must-see film – so fun, cute and stylish!

A still shot from Miss Sarah's video

Watch here! This is an entry in an “Edmonton Stories” contest, so don’t forget to vote. Read more about the film from Miss Sarah here.

Biking in the ‘Burbs

I spent Sunday in the suburbs visiting Melissa. I took the local L train to Union Station downtown, then took the Metra suburb train the rest of the way. Betty Foy wanted to come with me, but bikes were not allowed on the trains this weekend because of the Lollapalooza music festival, so Melissa picked me up from the train station in her car.

Bike path beauty

Bike path beauty Melissa

When we got to her place we parked the car, picked up the bikes and set out to the liquor store. (more…)

Sunday Style

08.02marieclaire-idees-06-09The other day at the bookstore I treated myself to a French magazine. They can be pricey but always provide a different angle on style and fashion as well as a new vocabulary word or two.

My faves are the Elle family, especially Elle à Table, but today’s selection was Marie Claire Ideés. It had a bicycle on the cover — no contest.

This magazine, which has no American equivalent as far as I know (maybe one of Martha Stewart’s line?), is full of beautiful photos of craft projects, theme parties, fashions, etc., and then contains instructions for doing them yourself at the back.

Unfortunately, the only bike project they had instructions for was a saddle cover — but the inside spread provided a lot of inspiration for customizing your bicycle.


The Importance of “Real People” Profiles

I’m in love with this recent article from The Guardian, “We wouldn’t be seen dead in lycra shorts.” The article profiles real London cyclists from different sub-tribes who all cycle for transportation. Their stories are presented simply, relying largely on the cyclists’ own words. The writer does not wander into cliched presentations of danger or car-bike wars.

Brompton Tribe

Brompton Tribe

“Bromptons have this whole personality,” Andrew Alleyne explains. “I hate to say this, because I don’t like smug Mac users, but people love their Bromptons like people love their Macs. People use generic bike hybrids like they do PCs but a Brompton is not just another bike, it’s like a pet or something.”


Busty Bike Fashion

Aug/Sept Bust

Aug/Sept Bust

Few magazines are both fun and intelligent: Bust, Bitch, Paste and Lula are my favorites. Sure, all magazines are selling something, but at least these are fresh, smart, fashionable and mostly free of body hate. Imagine my pleasure when I saw that the new issue of BUST has a photo spread of “Bike Fashion.” The particular fashions showcased don’t quite ring my bell – a bit too hip(ster) and young for me, but I appreciate anything that presents cycling as a normal activity. Hopefully this spread and others like it will inspire more people to rediscover the fun of riding a bike.


Bicycle Beauty

The bicycle is an aesthetically perfect creature. So simple and beautiful. Lately I’ve been noticing a lot of bicycle inspiration floating around, particularly in the design, style and fashion world. I started collecting gorgeous bicycle pictures this past month from some of my favorite inspiration blogs. A sign of the times. Spread the bicycle beauty…

oh hello friend

les brumes via Oh Hello Friend

the paris apartment

The Jewels of New York via Design Sponge and The Paris Apartment


Thomas Prior via Daydream Lily


Beautiful Bicycles: Pashley Sonnet Bliss

My new bike crush is the Pashley Sonnet Bliss.  I’ve discussed the Pashley Princess Sovereign previously, which is very similar except the Bliss is different colors and does not have a full chaincase.  I seriously conisdered buying a Pashley last year, but the Azor Oma Dutch bike won out based on its incredibly sturdy and smooth ride. Recently I’ve been wanting a Pashley again – not instead of Oma, but in addition to Oma. Is that bad? If loving Pashley is wrong, I don’t want to be right. I can’t buy another bike at this time, anyway, so it’s only imaginary.  For now I will be satisfied with my recent test ride at Boulevard Bikes in Chicago. This was the first time I saw a Sonnet Bliss in real life and she is quite blissful :)

Test riding the Pashley Sonnet Bliss

Test riding the Pashley Sonnet Bliss


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