Beautiful Bicycles

Our “Beautiful Bicycles” Series:

Azor Oma - Workcycles

Azor Oma – Workcycles

Abici Granturismo Donna

Abici Granturismo Donna

Batavus Entrada Spirit

Batavus Entrada Spirit

Gazelle Toer Populair and Chamonix Pure

Gazelle Toer Populair and Chamonix Pure


Pashley Princess Sovereign

Pashley Sonnet Bliss

Pashley Sonnet Bliss

JJ Sweetpea Fantastic Mixte

JJ Sweetpea Fantastic Mixte

Linus Mixte

Rivendell Betty Foy

Rivendell Betty Foy

Velorbis Dannebrog Victoria

Velorbis Dannebrog Victoria

Velorbis Studine

Kangaroo Family Bike

velorbis mobii

Velorbis Mobii Trike

WorkCycles Bakfiets

Defietsfabriek Bakfiets

Defietsfabriek Oma

Electra Amsterdam Sport and Townie

REI Novara Transfer and Fusion

More Beautiful Bicycles

A.N.T. Bikes (Alternative Needs Transportation)
Azor – Workcycles
Bilenky Cycle Works
Civia Cycles
Dutch Bike Chicago
Dutch Bike Seattle
Frances Cycles

J.C. Lind Bike Co.

Luna Bicycles
m.a.p. cycles
Sweetpea Bicycles
TATI Cycles
Velo Orange Mixte

  • Todd

    Great site full of fun and resources!

    I agree the Velorbis Victoria is beautiful. There’s a picture of my favorite biker girl on one here:

    I would also encourage you to take a look at the gorgeous bicycles made by Vanilla Bicycles in Portland, Oregon:

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  • freelamb

    ey, nice blog, I got a nice recopilation too for classic bikes, there are several ones you should check out, also I got new ideas from yours.


  • cyn

    several days ago on this site I saw a youtube photo with an image a traffic signal that had a bike light on it…
    I’m in traffic engineering and would like to get back and see the video but cant find it again..

    Please can someone help tell me where to find it again?



  • Marie22

    Just saw your article in Time Out Chicago. Currently I have a mountain bike that I use to get around. Definitely looking for an upgrade. Any suggestions for a practical “beautiful bicycle?”
    Working in the burbs, I don’t plan on using it as my main source of transportion. Mostly for leisure rides on the weekends.

    Love your site!

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  • tokarev

    De Fietsbabriek, not Defietsfabriek.