We’re back!

OK, it has been WAY too long since we’ve been able to blog. We’ve missed you! Won’t bore you with too many tech details, but we have a new hosting company and a brand-spanking fresh installation of WordPress, so here’s hoping that we’ll be good to go without any major outages for another five years. And yes, I said five: Our first real posts at LGRAB were in January 2009.

Since we were gone for so long, I feel it is only right to give  you a little sneak peek at what will be appearing on LGRAB soon!

  • Review of Bookman bike lights
  • Our story of biking the Lustica Peninsula with Feel Montenegro
  • A Trisha & Dottie Midwest adventure, coming in March
  • Coverage of the Tennessee Bike Summit in May

And if you’re in Nashville, join us this Sunday for a bike brunch!

Guess that’s all for now! It feels good to be blogging again.



  • Sara B

    YAY! Congrats on the new site and I’m happy to see ya’ll in my feed again!

  • Rebecca B

    So happy to see this in my inbox today! I hope your Midwest adventure brings you to St. Louis! Can’t wait to see what you guys are up to.

  • Beverley Strain

    YAY! You were desperately missed!

  • Jen

    Hurray! I must be psychic, cuz I was just checking up on you yesterday when this popped up on my FB today. Synchronicity!

  • Ben Rockey

    Oh I did miss this spot of Joy!

  • Dwayne

    Welcome back!

  • Jennifer in Scotland

    Delighted to see you back!

  • naturallycyclingmanchester

    Hurrah! I was started to get worried ;-) x

  • Anaphase

    YAY!!! So glad!

  • ladyfleur

    Glad to see the blog that launched so many others (including mine) is back in business. It looks like you’ve gone ad-free?